51 Messages to Write on Your Sisters Birthday Cake and Presents

Bored of telling your sister, happy birthday when there is so much else you can add to it? You anyway don't have the energy and the guts to say some heartfelt things to your sister on her face. I love you is one of the far fetched messages you never seem to be able to convey to your sibling, and there's more like these. Birthday, on the other hand, give you an opportunity to message her, when you order cake online or get from offline shop get written on her cake, print on some customised gift something you want to say to her from your heart. It could be something that reflects your relationship be it sarcastic, furious, picky, even if you are one to keep complaining about your sister you can use this day to describe your relationship the other way round.

So here are a few happy birthday wishes for sister ideas to say to your sister on her special day.

51 Messages to Write on Your Sisters Birthday Cake and Presents

Messages to write on a cake

1. Happy birthday baby sister

2. I got your first cake, and I will get it your entire life.

3. There's no more space for candles on your cake, you old chap

4. You forgot to send my invite, I still got your cake

5. You can buy your own gifts, don't expect any from me

6. Where's my return gift

7. Is it your birthday because I clearly don't remember

8. Even after these many years, mom loves me more

9. I got this cake because papa asked me to

10. I got you a cake of my favourite flavour

11. Didn't you just have a birthday

12. Did you really need a cake, you are not a kid

Happy Birthday Sister

Birthday wishes for sister to write on greeting cards

13. Hi baby sis, I love you everyday and even more on your birthday, it reminds me of the love I never knew I could feel

14. You taught me love and care in ways I never thought possible

15. No matter how many no girl will ever be more important than you

16. You are and will always be my favourite girl on the planet

17. Happy birthday, alien, you truly are from another planet

18. There's no one as capable and strong as you always remember happy birthday to this strong soul

19. I always have your back

20. You are the first girl I loved not because I had to but because mom made me

21. Who says you are a girl you are my little tomboy happy birthday bro

22. I may be older, but I admire you for what you can do keep growing keep shining and congratulations on another successful year happy birthday

23. Weren't you as small as my arm when did you grow to be so annoying

24. What's so happy about your birthday you made me share everything with you

25. I could never thank God enough for you; you helped me get new toys

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Messages to write on customized presents

26. Happy birthday gorilla

27. Happy birthday to the best sister ever

28. Happy birthday, You have grown so big can I please have your wardrobe now

29. I got you your birthday cake can you share with me your clothes

30. I share everything with you, and here I stand applauding this day only in your name

31. May you have the most favourite day of the whole year

32. I will do everything for you; you just can't have the remote

33. Congrats on one more year of bringing me water from the kitchen

34. Happy birthday to the demon in the face of my sister

35. Is this really a happy occasion or just a birthday

36. May you bless the universe with less annoying habits this year

37. I am bored of celebrating your birthday sissy well here's to another one, how old are you

38. Happiest birthday to the love of my life, my angel and my helped

I Love My Sister

Long-distance message for your sister

39. There may be distance in facts but not in heart

40. I love you to the moon and back

41. I am just a call away happy birthday

42. I miss you every day; I gift you on your birthday

43. I am your present, ain't I

44. I would sing happy birthday, but I will have to be too loud

45. There's a parcel coming on my behalf, happy birthday sweetie

46. You dont have to bring me water anymore do you

47. You now have the remote all to yourself now, happy birthday

48. You are another year older and not a day wiser buckle up

49. Still my little sister no matter what

50. For your birthday, you can have my clothes kept in the wardrobe

51. Brace yourself for no gift is coming this birthday for you