Top 10 Designer Cakes For Your Wedding Anniversary

God designs your relation with your spouse to last a lifetime and beyond. And you celebrate it every year by celebrating your wedding anniversary. No doubt, Love is the essential element that can make every day of your wedded life special and memorable and is more than enough to celebrate the anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Cake

But, we humans look for something that we count as the materialistic token to mark the celebrations. To help you with the course of a memorable wedding anniversary fun, we bring some of the best designer cakes for anniversary celebrations.

1. Beautiful Black & Golden Cake -

You both shine together through hard times like the golden colour work is shining on the black fondant cake. Topped with two real-looking edible roses and decorated with some floral work, this designer anniversary cake is something pleasant.

Beautiful Black & Golden Cake

2. Couple On Cake -

There is no magic like nature, and hence it is a great plant to celebrate your wedding anniversary at a place surrounded by greenery. And this cake topped with a couple's caricature and decorated with hearts and flowers fit perfectly to get you some gaze-worthy anniversary pictures.

Couple On Cake

3. Couple's Hug Cake -

When we talk about a cake for an anniversary, it is obvious that Love is the first expression that we think the cake should display. A warm and tight hug between a couple is more than enough to show their bonding. And Couple's Hug Cake expresses it all with grace and minimalistic cake design.

Couple's Hug Cake

4. Diamond Ring Cake -

You can simply call it one of the best designer cakes for weddings anniversary celebrations. It is a fact that wives expect to receive a jewellery item as an anniversary gift. With a cake that looks like a box of a diamond ring, you are sure to surprise your dear wife on your special day.

Diamond Ring Cake

5. I Love You, Heart Cake -

As we said in the intro, the relation of husband and wife stands firmly on the base of Love and heart is the place that keeps Love intact. The heart-shaped cake deriving its beauty from the white and red edible roses truly deserves to be here in the best designer cakes list for an anniversary.

I Love You, Heart Cake

6. Love N Heart Cake -

Not every couple would fall for the grand cakes and attention-getting cakes for their wedding anniversaries. And if you and your spouse want to keep it simple yet lovely then this round-shaped cake topped little fondant hearts is a perfect choice.

Love N Heart Cake

7. Mr & Mrs Floral -

A couple is like two different flowers that grow and bloom on a single stem. Well, it's not practical, but it's the magic of Love to turn impossible into possible. Bring this designer three-tier simple vanilla cake decorated with real flowers in a minimalistic manner for your wedding anniversary celebration.

 Mr & Mrs Floral Cake

8. Penguin Wedding Anniversary Cake -

Having some laugh-worthy humour in your celebrations is a great thing, and you can do it with a cake too. This designer anniversary cake topped with a penguin couple wearing the wedding attire is sure to enhance the celebrations with smiles.

Penguin Wedding Anniversary Cake

9. Silver Jubilee Delectable -

Congratulations to you for achieving the milestone! You and your spouse have proudly spent twenty-five years of wedding life with Love. The white-coloured cake with designs of silver colour is the elegant choice for silver jubilee celebrations.

Silver Jubilee Delectable

10. The Grand Anniversary Cake -

If you and your spouse are planning to throw a grand party on your coming wedding anniversary then this cake in the picture is something you should go-for. This designer cake for the anniversary will work best in a vanilla flavour for the grand celebration.

The Grand Anniversary Cake

So, these are the best designer cakes that you can pick from for your wedding anniversary celebration.

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