8 Birthday Cake Designs You Can Order for Your Husband's Birthday

2020 has been the year of revolutions, and one prime topic raised often has been about equality. Equality of opportunities, responsibilities and authority. The big picture we all see here is always on the job and home front, but in hindsight, the other face of this coin reflects the shadow of your personal life. To the world, you may be a working wife who's husband helps her with household chores, but yet again on the emotional front, you would expect him to surprise you and do things for you on special occasions. Get rid of this bias and stand true to the equality you deserve. Change the old rule and this birthday, surprise your husband with something he would never expect. Be it a romantic trip on your expense or a cosy night in with his favourite movie. While you decide on the personal things to do, we have some birthday cake designs that you can use to begin this unexpected bash with a blast.

Here comes some birthday cake for husband he will genuinely love.

Birthday Cake Designs For Hubby

A floral cake

You can not only have swirls of flowers on your cake, but these days you can have actual petals on the cream of your cake. Anyways if you are not willing to organic with it, you can always pick a cake with floral swirls in pink, red-purple or white colour. To make it more interesting and if you are planning on having a lot of people over you can go for a heavy rectangular cake too.

Photo cake

A popular birthday cake design for hubby, which is a very popular choice too these days, can be your next cake. You can have a couple-picture or your husband's solo picture on the cake too. You can choose a pic from his mad memories where he is totally out of the zone being a cute and innocent person that he is. Or you can have a decent gentleman like cake whatever resonates with his personality.

Photo Cake for Hubby

A fondant icing cake

If you want to depict something that speaks of his personality, you can go for a fondant icing cake that will help you put a picture on the cake in 3d shape. For instance, if he is a workaholic person, you can have his desk made on top of the cake with him sitting on his chair working hard. Or you can have his car made with fondant cream if he is a rider and likes to go on road trips with his friends.

Fondant Icing Cake for Hubby

Kitkat cake

In the list of birthday cake designs, you can't forget to keep a tab on the toppings that change the game. If you are a fan of chocolate cake, you and your husband won't mind a cake with KitKat toppings. But there is another option if you like pineapple flavour to be your classic choice for all time you can add a bit of a mild chocolate flavour to it with a KitKat topping. This way, you can have both pineapple and chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher cake

Ferrero Rocher as a topping is another rocking option to have on chocolate, vanilla or even a butterscotch cake. Chocolates kept on the cake in a round shape with their crunchy wafer, and dark chocolate is worthy of putting up a fight for. They go additionally well with choco truffle and dark chocolate, especially brownies. To the subtle chocolates that melt in the mouth, these chocolates are the crunchy twist.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake

A cake and a guitarist

Not so much of a descriptive cake design but certainly something that can hype the whole game cutting ceremony. You can call for a guitarist along with the cake, and he can sing to you on a video call or in-person a song that goes with your theme. You can either get him to some favourite Bollywood song, or you can write a song that he can recite for you.

A cake that floods

You may have seen in people's Instagram stories or have attended a party where a cake that was nothing like before was cut. Here we are talking about a similar one; there are cakes that come with wraps or covering quite high from the top surface of the cake that has stopped a flood of chocolate to flow. Just as you are about to cut the cake you can remove that cover and loads of chocolate melts down.

A cake with a singing plate

Another one from the list of birthday cake designs is one that comes with a coded plate scanning which the person cutting the cake can hear a song. It is usually associated with an app, and as you scan the barcode, the song the sender of the gift has selected starts to play. It can be an old song you too share or a sarcastic or humorous twist to your party just as you may like it. But it will surely be a new transformation to the usual birthday parties.

Apart from these, you can always have fun with a few more birthday cakes design. While these are the main headers, a list of exotic ideas dwells in these. For instance, the cake category with fondant icing is one that has a tremendous variety of ideas embedded in it. However you picture your husband to be, is how you can make his cake to look like.

Happy birthday to him and a happy adventure to you.