Do You Know the Right Way of Watering your Home Plants?

Plants are those living things that can’t speak or write. So, it’s us, humans, who need to keep in mind their needs and requirements. They rely on us for everything. One of the most important things that plants survive on, is water. So, you need to be careful when to water them and the right way to water your plants. Plant watering plays an important role in the growth of any plant. Here we are going to provide you with some tips to keep in mind while you water your plants.

Way of Watering your Home Plants

Tip 1- Pick the Right Pot

It is important to pick the right pot plants. Plants kept for a long time in grower pots are always root-bound, which prevents their growth and makes it difficult to water properly. To keep plants healthy, plants need pots that are of the right size. Pots also require drainage holes to help the soil dry after watering. For better results, use a sauce beneath. It allows you to water well without damaging your floor or table.

Pick the Right Pot

Tip 2- Every Plant have Different Water Needs

Just like us, each and every plant has its own water needs. Water your plants depending upon the need and the number of water requirements.

Tip 2- Every Plant have Different Water Needs

Tip 3- Water Late in the Evening or Early in the Morning

When you water the cool soil in the evening or at night, less water evaporates than hot soil during the day. And the plants can supply enough water for them before the next day's heat.

Tip 3- Water Late in the Evening

Tip 4- Water the Soil, Not the Leaves

When you water your plants, it is important to avoid spraying the leaves. Make sure your water spout is under the leaves and you water only the soil. This simple method helps prevent bacterial infections, insect infections, and other health issues.

Tip 4- Water the Soil

Tip 5- Instead of the Top, Water from Below

Although watering from the top is still the usual method, people use to water their plants. Watering from the bottom is more homogeneous, there is less chance of overgrowth and there is no concern for the nutrients to drain out. Moreover, you can ensure that the water actually reaches the roots.

Tip 5- Water from Below

Tip 6- Use Self-watering Pots

Self-watering pots are best and incredibly useful when it comes to watering the plant. No more or less watering, the pot does it all. If you always forget to water your plants, a self-watering plant pot works the best. All you have to do it is refill the water reservoir once every month.

Tip 6- Use Self-watering Pots

So, these were some watering tips to keep your plant healthy and alive because like us, plants also have a heart and soul. They provide us with oxygen to breathe by purifying the impure air. Their care is a must. To make your house look greener buy some home decor indoor plants online from FlowerAura.