Befriend These 7 Plants For Wealth & Fortune

Every day, you water and nurture your friends--plants potted indoors and outdoors. But, Did you know that all these days, you have been nourishing good fortune and wealth for your life? Yes, plants besides being healthy and life-giving are also a source of money. What? Is It? You read it right!

7 Best Plants for Wealth and Fortune

Certain plants attract prosperity and have roots in Feng Shui practices. The most popular being the money plant. This plant lives up to its name and is a famous symbol of prosperity, richness, financial goodness. If your green collection is missing this one, it’s time to buy money plants online and to relish the fruits of good fortune.

And given below is a list of the 10 best plants that attract money into the home. Check the listing carefully and expand your green buddies circle by befriending them.

1. Three Layered Bamboo:

You must have adored a bamboo plant tucked in a glass vase with colourful pebbles floating in the water. But have you ever counted the stalks of the Bamboo plant? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. The arrangement of the Bamboo plant is associated with lucky charms like three stalks represents three symbols Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth), and Soh (long life). Bring this plant home to enjoy triple benefits.

Three Layered Bamboo

2. Crassula Ovata:

Crassula Ovata comes from a family of robust, but beautiful succulents. Commonly, this plant is known as the Money plant. This plant has its roots firmly rooted in the Feng Shui practices and vibrant energy. As it is an indoor plant, it’s placement is chosen to radiate its energy in the bank account.

Crassula Ovata

3. Rubber Plant:

According to Feng Shui folklore, the plant with round leaves are known to bring wealth and fortune, and rubber plant is no exception. When placed in the wealth area of the home, this plant graces the home with abundance.

Rubber Plant

4. Orchids:

Make your abode a place of prosperity, harmony, and romance by placing indoors potted orchids. The presence of orchids soothes the mind and soul with its fragrance. And where there is peace, there is prosperity and auspiciousness.


5. Philodendron:

The large green leaves of the Philodendron catches the eye in no time. The plant's name comes from the Greek word “Philo,” which means love and “Dendron,” which means tree. Hence, it is the plant of affection. Also, it is symbolic of health and abundance.


6. Snake Plant:

Popularly known as the mother-in-law of plants, this plant is avowed for its ability to remove harmful and toxic gases from the atmosphere. The natural cleaning ability of this plant makes it a favourite for many. It is also considered to be a good luck plant because it purifies the atmosphere and attracts positive things in every sphere of life.

Snake Plant

7. Jade Plant:

Green and luxurious Jade plant is promulgated to bring home success, good luck, and prosperity. Its placement near the entrance is considered ideal for attracting goodness into the home.

Jade Plant

Without a wait, make them a part of your home and embrace all the virtues. You can gift them as a gesture as well to others.

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