Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Year’s most fun-loving and all cherishable event is just ringing the BELLS at your doorstep. So, hang your SOCKS quickly and WRAP up everything around you. Keep things around you MERRY and decorate every TREE that you see, because it is Christmas Time.

Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas comes a lot of gifts, shimmery wrapping sheets, gingerbread, snowflakes and not to forget SECRET SANTA. So, to help you this year with your gifting ideas of Christmas Gifts as a Secret Santa here is a small yet interesting and funny Christmas gift ideas guide, especially for you-

1. Toilet Roll

Yes, this is another level SHIT. Well, toilet rolls would make up for one of the funniest gifts of all. Wrap it with a transparent sheet and do not forget to caption it with something funny like “So you thought it would be an actual gift?”, or maybe with “To wipe out all that SHIT that happens in your life”.

Toilet Roll

2. Dish Wash Soap/Liquid

Another level of interesting gift item could be a dish wash liquid or soap, wrapped with some beautiful decorations and a handwritten note that reads- Just SOAP’n you have a Merry Christmas”. We bet, the receiver would roll down because of the laughter.

Dish Wash Soap

3. Bubble Wrap

Another funny and most enjoyable Secret Santa gift would surely be some bubble wraps. Grab some of them and tie them with a ribbon and a tag that reads- “Use these stress-busting pills every 3-4 hours, when you think you could not make your day Better, and see the magic.” We bet, this gift would certainly work.

Bubble Wrap

4. Nuts Box

Grab a box, and fill it up with nuts, specifically the one that we use to tighten up the bolts. Stick-on a sticker reading, ‘Fat-free Nut Box”. When the receiver would unbox his/her gift, they would find this as one of the funny secret Santa Gifts.

Nuts Box

5. Coffee Mug

The best Christmas gifts for him/her as a Secret Santa could be the coffee mug for sure. All you need to make it is a little quirky and sassy while getting printed or maybe hanging a tag to it’s handle, that reads- “Secret Santa is Cheap AF”. We assure you that the receiver would greatly appreciate your generosity and truthfulness.

Coffee Mug

6. Dryer and Washer

Well, you might have taken us seriously but eventually, what all we meant here is a cloth clip and a washer that tights up nuts and bolts. Take both these things in a packet and add a tag that read- “I just bought you a Dryer and a Washer, thank me later.” And who knows your receiver like that though.

Dryer and Washer

7. Chill Pills

Grab an empty glass jar or anything of your sort and fill it up with some mint candies or mouth-fresheners. Hand a tag around the rim of the bottle that reads the direction of use. In these directions, use all those funny and calming down incidents, that you think the other person should have these pills.

Chill Pills

Such cute and thoughtfully funny gifts would make-up anyone’s gift. Be the Secret Santa everyone would love to have. These Secret Santa Christmas gifts would lit up the festive mood of the receiver and everyone in the room.