7 Succulents and Cactus Which Say NO To Care And Still Look Stunning

Plants definitely hold the crown of being the cardinal element that could solely make even the most mundane interiors come alive. Flowering shrubs and medicinal herbs surely create an astounding outlook but more than often, they demand care and attention which is not possible to keep up with, especially in the fast pace of life when there is hardly ever a time to stop and think. This is where succulents come to the rescue. These no-fuss greens lend a classic vibe to the home decor and literally ask for nothing in return, not even care! They are designed by Almighty to thrive in the extremes and withstand the carelessness perfectly. If you are looking for an amalgamation of trendy decor with rustic and classic touch, then succulents are the perfect fit for you! We have rounded up a few favourite succulents that have won the hearts of many and are looking forward to conquering yours!

Best Home Decor Succulents Plants

1. Jade Plant

Jade plant proudly holds the title of being the most popular succulent there is! The lush green round leaves define the cuteness of the plant. According to Feng Shui, keeping a Jade plant near the entrance marks the welcome of wealth and prosperity. The best direction to keep it in is Southeast. Jade loves the sun and needs water only when the soil gets dry.

Jade Plants

2. Aloe Vera

The saga of Aloe Vera goodness is known to the world. Whether its cosmetics or medicine, Aloe Vera has been praised for its contribution to the wellness of humans. It is a globally well known succulent and one of the most commonly found in Indian houses. Sap found in the leaves is cool in nature while the plant flourishes under the bright sun. Place this on the kitchen window and add a pinch of glory in your house.

Aloe Vera Plants

3. Heart Cactus

If you won’t fall in love with this little cactus, at first sight, no beauty could ever allure you! Also known as Valentine plant, it is one of the best indoor cactus plants to embellish your interiors with. It is native to Southeast Asia and consists of a single 5-inch leaf embedded in the pot. If you wish to sing the love-ballad to your sweetheart without uttering a word, gift this cactus and let the magic happen.

Best Indoor Cactus Plants

4. Crown of Thorns

Known as Euphorbia Milli in the scientific world, this little floral cactus speaks volumes about the blooming beauty of the succulents. Growing succulents indoors plants is not so tough but people hold back from making them a part of the home decor thinking they cannot beautify the interiors. Crown of Thorns, is here to demolish all such notions about cactus and succulents. It is native to Madagascar, bear prettiest flowers one could have ever seen and thrives on neglect. Isn’t this the perfect one you were looking for all-around?

Crown of Thorns Plants

5. Christmas Cactus

It blooms around the holiday season, hence the name! It is one of the prettiest cacti around and bears flowers in red, yellow, pink and purple colours around the tip of the branches composed of green, glossy segments. It just needs water sprays every now and then and could maintain the Christmas spirit alive throughout the year.

Christmas Cactus Plants

6. Snake Plant

When it comes to picking the most popular succulents, the list is incomplete without the mention of the Snake plant. Light conditions are no bar for it to grow. Recognised as one of the most efficient air purifiers, Snake plant is known to filter toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air rendering it fresh and clean to intake. Your lungs will thank you for making this addition to your existing home decor.

Snake Plant

7. String of Pearls

This trailing beauty is waiting to capture your heart and of everyone else’s who will lay their eyes upon it. Its best fit is in a hanging basket and it affectionate to the carefree environment. The string beads resemble a bead of pearls in a necklace and hence, the name stands true to its looks. A string of pearls will add that distinctive look which you were craving for your home sweet home from a long time and in return, it demands water when the soil gets dry.

String of Pearls

Succulent plants are designed to lend a unique touch to the home decor. Whether your house speaks rustic or is rich with contemporary tones, succulents will surely compliment them smoothly bringing our best possible outlook for your home.

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