7 Cute Teddy Bears that You Can Choose for Teddy Day Gifting

Every day as we get closer to the Valentines week and to the multiple days that come in the week, we see an increasing burden on our shoulders. The only reason behind the puzzle is the lack of a great idea for Valentine day gifts. We understand what you go through with all these difficult options available in the market and online stored and the lack of decision-making capabilities to find the perfect one. Taking one day at a time, we have today brought solutions a.k.a. “Happy teddy day gift for you to give to your partner”.

When we think of a teddy bear, the first thing that comes to our mind is a giant ball of fur to cuddle with. An image of a girl hugging her teddy, playing with her hairs, sitting on his furry lap is the first image that strikes our brain. An image of that sort has been created in our mind since childhood which in fact is pretty true. Know that the moment you give a Valentines teddy bear to your girl, she will latch on it like it's a piece of her soul. And the teddy bear will soon be denoted as he, who's her best friend, her cuddle buddy and the unmatchable partner, the shoulder to cry on.

 Teddy Day Gifts Online

Bringing you a bunch of teddy day gifts online and kinds of teddy bears that you can choose to give on Valentines day. Here go seven teddy bears that will steal your heart.

• Hugging Teddy Bears

Hugging teddy bears are two teddies that hug each other. They are made or tailored in such a manner that they keep hugging each other with arms around. You can have them in brown and pink colour or any other so that they represent a boy and a girl in love. They can be a small set so you can place them on your side table or big ones to lie on all the time.

Hugging Teddy Bears

• Couple Teddy Bears

A couples teddy bear is also a similar one where you have two teddy bears sitting together. They come in moods; one may be hugging, one may be angry, one may be blushing and so on. You can gift multiple small ones for one mood each or you can give them one with a happy mood. Have you seen the trend where girls use an octopus teddy to convey to their partners if they are happy or angry something like that?

Couple Teddy Bears for teddyday gift

• Kissing Teddy Bears

Teddy bears that kiss each other remind you to kiss your partner too. Every time you see you can see a “umah” text to your partner and every time you go to meet them, you can remember to kiss them as you meet and come back. They are usually small-sized to decorate the mood and decor.

Kissing Teddy Bears

• Giant Teddy Bears

Giant teddy bears are girls' favourite considering they have enough space to keep them out and not have to lock them up in wardrobes. You can pick a brown, white or pink Teddy. You will notice that as soon as you gift them this teddy bear, they will sit around them all the time and not miss one moment to click the perfect picture. You may tie a ribbon on their neck and stick little notes to make it more special.

Giant Teddy Bears

• Heart and Message Teddy Bears

Teddy bears that sit holding a heart in their hand are genuinely the cutest. You can order Valentine's teddy bear with a heart too that also has a message written on it. It can either be personalised Valentine Day Gifts or something common like an I Love you. These are the most personalised ones, and definitely, a must give.

Heart and Message Teddy Bears

• Mini Teddy Bears

Mini teddy bears are nice to give when your partner travels a lot. They can be converted to keyrings as well. You can give a bunch of them making it extremely delightful. One for each mood will be the perfect gift. They are very cute, very heartwarming and representative of love. And if you are going for one gift for each day of Valentine, you can go for a small one.

Mini Teddy Bears

• Pooh the Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a big-league under which comes the pooh. It's the yellow teddy wearing the red t-shirt that says his name pooh. This teddy has a separate fan following, and someone who will like this is less likely to love any other teddy.

Pooh the Teddy Bear