7 Personalised Secret Santa Gift for Your Loved Ones in 2022

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is coming. This year the celebrations might be different, but the festive feels and chills are quite the same. When it’s Christmas, it’s all about the Christmas tree, pretty decorations, plum cakes, and playing the Secret Santa. Even when working from home; you can be the Secret Santa to your friends like the good old times or this time bring a loud smile by being the Secret Santa to your dearest ones at home.

7 Personalised Secret Santa Gift for Your Loved Ones in 2022

Before you start to scratch your head what to gift and what not to; here are your secret Santa Christmas gifts ideas. This year, we are vouching for personalised gifts for all the reasons that make it heartwarming to receive.

Personalised Passport Holder: Christmas is the official holiday time. There would be at least one in your list who would be making travel plans. For that very person, a personalised passport holder. A passport holder is different from passport cover as you can keep your cards and cash also. Personalise it with a quote on charms. Some of the quotes:

● To Travel is to Live

● Let the Adventure Begins

● Fuel Your Wanderlust

● The Joy Of Discovery

Personalised Passport Holde

Personalised All-Purpose/ Makeup Pouch: The name makes it quite clear that the pouch can be used for multiple purposes or as a makeup pouch while traveling. Personalise it with the name of the recipient. And, do add some things inside the pouch like facemask, makeup products, eye mask, etc. Though, it is perfect for girls; you can even give this to boys.

Personalised Makeup Pouch

Personalised Coffee Mug: It’s the season of hot chocolate and coffee. A personalised mug would be the perfect partner to complete the cosy winter evenings. You can personalise the mug with pictures or quotes. Magic personalised mugs are quite in trend. They are basically black mugs and reveal the picture when something hot is poured.

● I wished you live next door

● XYZ Brew’s

● You are Loved

● The Hot, The Better

Personalised Coffee Mug

Personalised Chocolates: Sweeter the gift, merrier will be the receiver. For a chocolate lover, there is no such thing as too much chocolate. Anytime they are just happy to receive a box of chocolates. This time he or she will be happier because they are going to receive a box of personalised chocolates. You can personalise the chocolates with their names, quotes, or favourite flavour or you could personalise the box of the chocolates with the name.

Personalised Chocolates

Personalised Socks: Well, this might sound crazy to gift, but someone out there is secretly wishing to receive this; trust us. A box of personalised socks. Some of the socks in the box can be personalised with the pictures of the recipient’s face.

Personalised Socks

Personalised Reusable Travel Mug: Bamboo travel mug or eco-friendly travel sipper are great choices because they help keep the environment clean and green. When you personalise it with the recipient’s name, it becomes the best of the Secret Santa Christmas gift.

Personalised Reusable Travel Mug

Covers and Skins: Utility gifts such as laptop skins and phone back cover always work their charm. Personalise these with the name of the recipient or initials of the recipient’s name, and it will surely be appreciated.

Laptop Skins and Phone Back Cover

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

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