7 ways to Build Strong and Better Relationship With Lover

“ We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"~ Sam Keen. When you are in love with someone; their imperfections become perfections for you. Such is the magic of love. No matter how beautiful may be the feeling of love or to have someone you can call mine, keeping the spark alive and most importantly, sustaining it for long is a real task. To enjoy a healthy relationship where there is no room for insecurities, and love blooms day-by-day, these are the seven effective tips.

7 ways to Build Strong and Better Relationship With Lover

1) Communicate: Communicate with each other effectively and efficiently. Communication can be verbal and nonverbal. Even your gestures communicate a lot how you feel about your partner. If you think you are not good enough with words, take help of relationship quotes to put across your point of view. Communicate not only the sweet nothings but even the uglier truths. Talk and sort your differences, insecurities, apprehensions, desires and everything in between. When you talk, you take a step forward to build a relationship of understanding, friendship and comfort.

Communicate With Each Other for Better Relationship

2) Never Shy To Express: You love her/him is not enough. Your lover should know you do. One way is to express often. Daily say “ I Love You” after phone conversations, exchange lovey-dovey texts each day. On special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries or when you feel the adrenaline rush of love; hide sticky notes with best relationship quotes. This is the digital age, and you can take leverage of memes and gifs to show your romantic side. Always, be genuine in your expression.

3) Build an Emotional Connection: Physical connections are easiest to form. Emotional connections are hardest to build with your lover. If you feel you are only physically connected and not emotionally, maybe you don’t love each other as lovers are meant to be. The emotional connection will bring you and your lover closer on a deeper level, and intimacy will take a new meaning.

Emotional Connection in Relationships

4) Care For Yourself and Your Partner: Guard yourself against sacrificing it too much emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Take care of your heart because too much of love and that to one side can be exhausting. Then, protect yourself from narcissism and selfishness by taking care of your partner’s needs and desires. Be compassionate. One way of showing that you care for his or happiness is to honour special days, like birthdays. Give birthday gifts for him or shop birthday gifts for girlfriend that are sentimental such as personalised.

5) Mutual Respect: Differences are a part of every romantic relationship. Even the healthier ones have gone through some differences. But as lovers, learn to agree to disagree and show mutual respect. Do not raise voices and turn an argument into a fight. Also, don’t be afraid of conflicts. Your partner should know your dislikes as well. Resolve issues peacefully, always.

Mutual Respect in Relationship

6) Expectations Hurt: It’s a human tendency to expect. We expect a lot from the ones we love and are close to. However, for a strong and healthy relationship; too much of expectations and comparisons can prove fatal for your relationship. To enrich and strengthen your relationship, develop your own identity as a couple. Take interest in each other's hobbies, preserve connections with your and your partner’s dearest one.

7) Never Get Bored Of Each Other: When monotony seeps into your relationship, it will become a stale relationship. Make an effort to keep the spark alive. Never get bored with each other. Flirt and tease, make love in new ways, and always love the person you love. If you are in a long-distance relationship, take help of gifts, and long-distance relationship quotes to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

Never Get Bored With Each Other Relationships

Relationships are beautiful when healthy and sincere. Keep it this way with these love-tested ways.