How To Make Flower Vase - Two Simple Ideas For Different Looks

Those who love flowers know the value of having a beautiful flower vase. And those who are interested in DIY stuff should also be skilled with how to make flower vases. Flowers are the magical beauty of nature that help humans in many outstanding ways. Keeping flowers in homes for decorative purposes is an activity that has its roots way back to many centuries. Here in this piece of writing, we are about to lead you on two simple ways to make a flower vase that will provide two different looks. The first will be a fit for those who want to have a classical and nostalgic flower vase, and the second one will complement the modern interior of the home.
Let’s Begin!

How To Make A Nostalgic Flower Vase

Things You Need

● Cylindrical Cardboard Pipe (Size depends on your preference)
● A Balloon
● Tissue Papers
● Liquid Glue
● Painting Colours
● Paper Cutter
● Metal or Cardboard Cutout

1. Blow air in the balloon to its maximum capacity and cover it with the tissue papers using liquid glue. Keep the end knot of the balloon uncovered.
2. Leave it to dry overnight. Once the covering drives properly, cut off the balloon, and you will get a ball-shaped side cover for the flower vase.
3. Now make two holes in the ball-shaped side cover of the size of the cylindrical cardboard pipe’s diameter.

make holes in ball-shaped side cover

4. Adjust the cardboard pipe slightly through the holes. Cover the cardboard pipe hole from one side with the metal or cardboard cutout to make it the base.

adjust cardboard pipes

5. Now cover the whole frame using tissue papers and liquid glue. You can also add some other decoratives on it as per your desired look.

cover whole frame using tissue paper

6. Let tissue work dry properly and then paint it the way you want.

paint as deisred

7. Your nostalgic flower vase is ready.

nostalgic flower vase is ready

How To Make A Glass Flower Vase

Things You Need

● Glass Jars Or Bottles (whatever you have)
● Pot Scraper
● Glass Spray Paint
● Masking Tape
● Paper Towels

1. Take the bottles or the glass jars. The number of bottles/jars depends on your requirement.
2. It will be good if you can find the bottles/jars without labels. If not, we have a solution.
3. Soak the jars/bottles in the lukewarm soapy water for five to minutes. Bring them out and try to get the labels off.

soaking jars in lukewarm water

4. If you still struggle with the labels, use pot scraper.

taking labels off with pot scraper

5. Let the jars/bottles dry completely and clean them with a soft cloth.

6. Apply masking tapes around the jars/bottles in the shape you want. We are sharing the simple idea here.

applying masking tapes

7. Now put the papers towels inside jars/bottles to prevent the spray paint from getting inside.

8. Paint the bottles with the spray. Apply two or three layers. The colours depend on your choice.

painting bottles with spray paint

9. Let the spray paint dry. Remove the tapes, and you will have your beautiful glass vases.

remove the tapes

The colour choice of your homemade flower vase also depends on your favourite flower colour. For example; you can pick blue and dark yellow as the main colour for flower vases if you like yellow flowers. And all dark colours will do best on the flowers vase if you mostly have white flowers in your home.