7 Winter Blooms That Will Compel You To Step Outside & Revel In Their Beauty

There’s something exciting about winters that keeps us awaited for the season. Hot cocoa and fuzzy socks, snowflake kisses and snugly weekends, winter is about all things warm and cozy. While you’re by the fireplace inside warming your cold fingers and toes, the dark and bare wintry bed has a way of surprising you with a splash of pleasant colors outside. There are a variety of winter flowers that add an extra dash of enticement to the season.

Beautiful Winter Season Flowers

Therefore, here’s presenting some alluring winter season flowers you’d definitely fall in love with:


Spreading their lustre in white, yellow, orange, copper, white and mixed colours, marigold is the not just the flower that grows in winter but rather, from mid summer till winter. These flowers are perfect for window boxes to add splendour to your space.


2.Sweet Pea

Whether you’re looking to adorn your centrepiece or add liveliness to your garden, sweet peas make an amazing choice. Sweet peas, in hues of red, white, pink and purple, are one of the most fragrant flowers that grow in winter.

Sweet Pea


Poinsettias find their use during the Christmas time. These magnificent winter blooms are used in bouquets or for embellishing your centerpieces. They are available in colours red, orange and purple along with marbled hue which is comparatively harder to find.



Candytufts are a swathe of small, showy flowers with a delightful fragrance. Available in pretty shades of red, mauve, purple, pink, these flowering plants open in late winter till spring and make an excellent ground-cover. And when the plant doesn’t flower, it forms a rounded bush.



No other flower says winter like Cyclamen. With resplendent colours white, red, rose and pink, Cyclamen sits atop a cluster of beautiful marbled foliage. This alluring winter season flower resembles butterflies or shooting stars.


6.English Daisy

The vivacious and beautiful cool season English Daisy is sure to burst your garden with is perky and plump presence. Also known as lawn daisy, this winter bloom is a perfect complement of other flowers like ornamental kale and pansies.

English Daisy


Carnations are magnificent annuals but in winters, these flowering plants appear in a multitude of colors including red, pink, orange, purple and yellow. Interestingly, they come in bi-colors as well which make a pleasant adornment for any bouquet or table centrepiece.


For sure, winter is enjoyed best in the warm blanket but this time, step outside in the soothing apricity and luminous glow of the sky and find joy around in these dazzling winter flowers.