Narcissus- The Magnificent Birth Flower For All December Born

Flowers have always been a very symbolic present for both men and women. Whether you are in a very sweet relationship where you find flowers are romantic or looking for a proper birthday gift for one of closest people in your life, flowers are undoubtedly a great option. Do you still think flowers are the unusual gift to celebrate a birthday? If yes, this article tells you how much meaningful these birthday flowers are.

Narcissus- Luckiest Birth Flower for December Born

It feels so good to receive birthday flowers as they celebrate another joyful and successful year of a birthday person and at the same time, they make the day extra special. In addition, flowers can be gifted with different options like baskets, eye-catching arrangements, vases and more. Everyone has their birthday flower and so do. Now you might be feeling eager to know about your December birth flower. Well, Narcissus is the flower for your birthday.

Now, it’s time to know about all the histories, meanings and importance of this December flower-

History of Narcissus

History of Narcissus

Narcissus is a very prominent figure from the Greek mythology and he was so impossibly handsome that he fell in love with his own image reflected in the water. Even the very beautiful Echo could not manage to tempt him with her captivatinglooks and this flower achieved the name from this Greek mythical character called "Narcissus" because of its sheer amount of beauty.

Interesting Facts About Narcissus Flower

Mediterranean region is the place where this flower can be-mostly found but some other species are found in China and central Asia as well. Today, species of Narcissus can be found growing throughout America. In north America this special flower is also known as Jonquils.

This flower comes with a trumpet-shaped corona which is beautifully surrounded by a ring of petals. It is highly poisonous and can be a big fatal if it is eaten.

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What Narcissus Symbolizes

What Narcissus Symbolizes

This beautiful flower stands for modesty, respect, and faithfulness, sweetness.

According to the Victoria Secret language of flowers, the hidden message of this flower is "You're the only one".

Along with being birth month flower of December, this flower has become the fund-raising symbol for many cancer-fighting charities also. This flower is famous worldwide for its delicate perfection and hardy sustainability.

The Different Varieties Of Narcissus:

The Different Varieties Of Narcissus

Jonquils, Daffodils, and Paperwhites are some of the very popular varieties of this flower.

When it comes to growing Narcissus, bulbs are all source of propagation. The best part of growing narcissus is that it requires very less maintenance and you can actually make it more vigorous and floriferous by taking some little care. A little care would really help you to achieve a good multiplication of this flower and it will also keep improving the show each year.

If December is the birthday month for you or your special one, you can actually turn the birthday into a very special day by ordering a very enchanting Narcissus flower arrangement.

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