8 Best Ways To Decorate Birthday Cake With Buttercream

Cakes are the go to surprises for every occasion especially when you are baking one and it takes real effort to get together a masterpiece that both tastes and looks amazing. Half of the fun of making a homemade cake is to get creative with the decorations. After the cakes are baked and stacked, it is time to let your inner artist go wild and pour in all the creativity to make the cake amazingly beautiful and delicious. From chocolate frosting to fondant ones, every cake decoration looks amazing and it entirely depends on your choice and preference, what kind of decorative cakes you want for the celebrations. Buttercream frosting cakes have been a lot in trend these days. The amazing frosting tastes delicious and you can also decorate cakes with an amazing buttercream layer. Whether it is a birthday cake decoration or an anniversary cake design, buttercream frosting goes well on every cake and on every occasion. If you have already baked a cake and are looking to decorate it with the perfect buttercream frosting, here are some amazing ideas that you can look forward to.

8 Best Ways To Decorate Birthday Cake With Buttercream

Do It With A Drip

A moist and fluffy birthday cake will go perfectly well with whipped vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkles on the top. Make the frosting drip from the sides of the cake and add rainbow sprinkles in the buttercream frosting to make it look more appealing. Ensure that you use a beautiful combination of colors for the frosting and you are ready to present this to your grand celebrations.

Whipped vanilla buttercream birthday cake

Unicorn Buttercream Design

One of the most popular birthday cake decorations is the magical unicorn cake. A unicorn cake decoration looks amazing on buttercream frosting making it look twice more tastier. A few simple cake decorating tools, beautiful colors, smaller pans and of course the buttercream frosting turns a simple cake into a show stopping dessert. You can either go for pastel shades of pink, purple, yellow and blue and make the cake look all bright and bold with vibrant colors like orange and red.

Unicorn Buttercream Design Birthday Cake

Pipe On Rainbows

Go for a buttercream rainbow birthday cake for girlfriend and make the celebrations a complete hit. The perfect way to add some sunshine to the celebrations, all you need for this awesome decoration is some buttercream frosting in vibrant colors of the rainbow and a piping. Firstly cover the whole cake in white buttercream and them using the pipe make rainbows of different colors.

Buttercream Rainbow Birthday Cake

Naked Cake Decoration

Naked cakes are a lot in trend these days and for people who do not like so much frosting on the cake, this is the perfect pick. This cake is completely bare on the outside and works best on a layer cake to show off the thick stripes of buttercream. Without the typical outer coats, the interiors of the cake are completely exposed to showcase the yummy buttercream frosting inside and is perfect for rustic or minimalist birthdays.

Naked Cake Decoration

Curlicue The Frosting

You can simply create an intricate design on the cake by layering it with buttercream swirls. Cover the whole cake swirls of one color or a combination of different colors and see the magic. The cake looks amazing with this simple design and will definitely stand out as one of the best birthday cake decorations.

Curlicue The Frosting Birthday Cake Design

Add Edible Flowers

A cake, layered with delicious buttercream and decorated with edible flowers like rose petals, violas, calendula petals or dianthus gives a fancy floral appeal to the cake. Perfect for every occasion, this buttercream frosting cake can be decorated with vibrant color flower petals or you can go for the pastel shades that also look amazing.

Edible Flowers Birthday Cake

Chopped Candy to the Cake

Chopped colorful candies are a bold and bright addition to a cake with buttercream frosting but it looks equally delicious and tantalizing. The chopped candies add all the drama to this cake making it look colorful and cheerful. Prefect for children as well as adults, this decoration is easy and a must-try if you are baking a cake at home.

Chopped Colorful Candies Birthday Cake

Swirl It With A Spoon

Even the simplest of tricks can create a beautiful design on a cake. For this decoration, all you have to do is layer the cake with buttercream frosting of your choice and give it a dreamy finish by spreading the icing with the back of the spoon to create a swirled design.

Birthday Cake Decoration Swirl It With A Spoon

There are a lot of creative ideas for birthday cake decorations and you must think on the edge of your creativity to bring something new to the plate everytime you set on decorating a cake. Well, you can surely try some of these amazing decoration ideas and gather the attention of the guests in a blink.