Wholesale Flower Market in Delhi Ghazipur - Find Phool Mandi in Delhi

The flower market in Delhi is very vast, and it serves all types of flower needs to wholesalers, retailers, and final consumers. And we are sharing more details of the Phool Mandi Delhi to make it easy for you to buy flowers from there.

Flower Market in Delhi Ghazipur

Location: Ghazipur flower market, near Anand Vihar ISBT metro station

One can easily reach the flower market by road with the help of signage. Look for Anand Vihar, or you can take the help of Google Maps. Metro is also a convenient way to reach the flower mandi. It is the wholesale flower market in Delhi.

Timings: 3:00 AM - 7:00 PM

As the flowers are mostly used in their blooming stage, the Phool Mandi of Delhi starts operating from 3:00 AM. But one can buy flowers till 7:00 PM in the evening.

Flower Types Available in Delhi’s Flower Market

As we already told you that the Flower market in Delhi is big, and you can easily find many different types of flowers there. Artificial flowers in the shades of yellows, reds, oranges and whites are also available. We are mentioning some of the flower types here:

  • Lilies
  • Orchids
  • Gerberas
  • Roses
  • Marigold
  • Anthuriums
  • Carnations
  • Tulips
  • Aster

List of Top Vendors in Flower Mandi In Delhi

Manvi Flowers Manvi Flowers is one of the well-known flower vendors in Delhi’s flower market. They provide all different types of flowers and are appreciated by the customers for their behavior in business dealing and for serving customers in the best possible way.

Address: Gazipur Flower Market Shop A11, Ghazipur, Ghazipur, Delhi - 110096

Contact: 8687911697

Arjun Kumar Phool Wale Whether you want flowers to make bouquets or you want fresh flowers in high quantity for decoration purposes, Arjun Kumar Phool Wale is one of the best shops in Phool Mandi Delhi.

Address: Ghazipur Phool Mandi, Ghazipur, Delhi - 110096

Contact: 9911773265

Mojib Flower Just like the name, the work of the Mojib flower is also unique. They provide the best flowers in the freshest state. Mojib Flower also knows how to keep the flowers fresh for a long time.

Address: Ghazipur, Delhi - 110096, C Block

Contact: 9871839970

Neelam Flora Neelam Flora is also one of the prime players of the flower game, and they have been in the flower business for quite some time now. They provide a guarantee of quality flowers at the best prices.

Address: B-36, Flower Market, Ghazipur, Delhi - 110096, Near Vegetable Market

Contact: 9968579965

Some Imported Flowers Available in Delhi Flower Market

Alstroemeria, Amaryllis, Anemone, Baby's Breath, Begonia, Peony, and Zinnias. You can also send flowers in Delhi from Floweraura.

Bundle Price Of Flowers

*Carnations - Rs.100/Bunch

*Gerbera - Rs. 30/Bunch

*Marigold - Rs. 200/Bunch

*Orchids - Rs. 150/Bunch

*Disclaimer: Prices may vary as per market. Prices mentioned here as per assumptions. These flowers are seasonal.