5 Unique and Fabulous Valentines Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake and dessert lovers know one and the best way of celebrating Valentine's Day; it's sharing sweet love over a slice of cake. If you and your partner believe in whipping love, then frosting it with a touch of romance and sprinkling it with passion; then you probably are looking for Valentine cakes decorating ideas.

Valentine's Day cake

We have listed and explained the Valentines day cakes decorating ideas for you and many other cupid lovers.

1. Rose Love:

Rose is the universal symbol of love. Red Roses are exchanged all through Valentine's week between couples in love.

Red Roses cake decoration

Why not taste love over a rose cake? If you are well-versed with piping techniques; you can easily make this one at home.

• Bake the cake in your favourite flavour and let it cool

• Cover the cake in the whipped cream frosting of your choice. (Use a base coat first for a smooth finish)

•Take a piping bag, red and pink coloured frosting, and fix the rose swirl nozzle tip over the bag.

• Cover the cake in swirling red and pink roses. You can create an ombre effect as well.

• With green frosting, you can make leaves. Leaf piping nozzles will be used for creating leaf patterns.

Another rose flower cake decorating idea is:

• Cover the cake in either buttercream frosting or fondant sheet

• Make red fondant roses and green fondant leaves

• Arrange the roses and leaves on the cake as you like.

2. Romantic Heart:

Make your partner experience a swirl of romantic love in his/her mouth over heart-shaped valentine's day cakes. Pretty, adorable, tasty, and lovely is what we call this cake design idea.

Romantic Heart cake decoration

• Make mini heart-shaped cakes if you have a heart-shaped cake pan that's perfect. If not, bake a round cake, cut off the top edges and align it with frosting to make a heart.

• Cover the cakes in whipped cream of different colours and flavours.

• On the sides, add sprinkles and decorate with buttercream.

• On the top, write words like Kiss Me, Love You, My Valentine, I Want You with the help of a piping bag.

3. Fresh and Fragrant Love:

Love is like red Rose, fresh and fragrant. If you take care of it; love blooms continuously. This is the inspiration for this Valentine cake. Fresh and fragrant roses will be used to decorate the cake.

 Fresh and Fragrant Love cake

• Bake a cake in the shape and flavour of your choice

• Enrobe the cake in buttercream frosting. You can use a fondant sheet also for an immaculate finish.

• You can use your imagination to decorate the cake with edible rose flowers. We have shared two ideas below:

• You can cover the entire cake in rose petals or use roses with other edibles.

• You can also take dried rose petals and sprinkle it over the cake along with Pistachio shavings.

4. All Your Heart Cake:

This is one of best designer cakes to make him/her taste the love you hold in your heart. Also, it is the sweetest way to convey that all of my heart loves all of you. We have shared how you can decorate the cake with hearts:

All Your Heart Cake

• You can make a heart on the cake using sprinklers and a cookie-cutter.

• Make two fondant hearts. Place them over the cake. Decorate the rest with cherries and write I Love You on it with chocolate.

• If you can get edible heart-shaped sprinkle feta; add them to the cake randomly.

• You can also use fondant hearts as cake toppers.

5. Berry Sweet Love:

Smitten your beloved one with berry and exotic love by making him/her relish this naked chocolate cake baked with love, and garnished with succulent strawberries. Every bite will your lover crave for more.

• Bake two chocolate cake

• Take one cake, put whipped vanilla cream on top of the cake and then add sliced strawberries.

• Stack the second one, again put whipped cream.

• Now, add chocolate-covered strawberries and some sliced one on the top.

Berry Sweet Love Cake

You can opt additional valentines day gift with cake to make your celebration romantic. May your Valentine's be as sweet and delicious as these cake designs!