8 Crucial Signs Which Show Your Men Truly Loves You

He loves me…he loves me not…if only finding the right answer were as simple as plucking petals off a flower. So the question here is- what makes it so hard to determine if a man truly loves you?

A lot of us are already familiar with the fact how love should be, and how it should feel. Many times these ideas are plain wrong. Because of this very fact, some of us might not recognize the real thing when it comes our way. Maybe it’s because of the grand vision that has been implanted in our minds, or it could also be the result of experiencing the hard sides of love too many times in the past and having a guarding fence when it comes to either giving love or being able to receive it.

Crucial Signs Which Show Your Men Truly Loves You

The fact is, love is not a very simple thing; instead, it’s tricky. If a guy says he loves you, it’s not necessary that he genuinely means it and a guy can love you a lot without saying much about it. Love is both beautiful and scary, and a lot of us keep ourselves guarded up until we’re sure about the fact that his love is real. We don’t want to get hurt. So, how to know if a man is indeed in love with you? Now, this article tells you about the 11 signs that help you to know if your guy truly loves you.

1. The Way He Always Looks at You

He looks at you like he can’t just believe you exist. He may even come right to you and tell you, “I can’t believe you exist.” It’s not a look of lust and desire; rather there is a sense of awe, serenity and inner calm in that particular look. This distinct look is only reserved for you. It’s a natural frequency because he can’t stop looking at you.

The Way he Always Looks at You

2. He is More on The Giving Side

Always remember real love is all about giving, not taking. This is the exact reason why parents still love their children more than their children love them. When you are in true love, you want to give your partner everything that you have. If your partner really loves you, he would always want to provide things to make you happy and to enhance the quality of your life.

He is More on the Giving Side

3. You are His Priority

Everyone is busy as we all have different commitments in our lives. When a man loves you, he will make sure that spending time with you is his priority. If he doesn’t have time, he will make sure to inform you when he would have the time. When he truly loves you, you’re the most important person in his life, and he would always try to carve out a time for you no matter how much hectic schedule he’s into.

You are His Priority

4. He Always Wants to Immerse Himself in Your Life

He wants to meet your family, relatives and all of your friends, and he wants them to like him. He always tries to get to know the people who matter to you and make a good impression. He is still interested to know about hobbies and liking so that he can connect to those areas of your life as much as possible. At the same time, your man also wants to make you an inseparable part in his life. He wants you to make a good friendship bond with his close friends. Moreover, he always includes you in his bigger life plan.

He Always Ready to Immerse Himself in Your Life

5. Your Happiness is as Important to Him as His Own

May be your happiness is more important to him than his own happiness! When you really love someone, their happiness is your happiness. He will always do things that make you feel happy. If you tell him something makes you unhappy, and he keeps doing it, you should be alerted as this is not a sign of true love.

Your Happiness is Important to Him

6. He Misses You When You are Apart

Men always fall in love in a woman’s absence, not her presence. A man can express love very quickly when you are with him because it’s always nice to be with someone else and to connect emotionally. But, what is he like when he’s not with you? Does he really miss you? True love would always make him reach out to you. When you are in true love, you yearn for the presence of your partner and miss them very much when they are apart. It’s a natural tendency.

He Misses You When You Are Apart

7. He’s There for You Even When it’s Inconvenient

Being in love is easy when everything is going smooth but what happens when you hit a rough rock or when you need him the most? How does he respond when you are in a problem? If he loves you, he’ll show up immediately, no matter how much things are inconvenient for him.

He is There for you Even When It is Inconvenient

8. He doesn’t Give Up

He gives his all into the relationship and commits to making it work forever. When you love someone, you don’t want to quit at any cost. So, if your partner loves you deeply he will never give up on you at any cost. He always tries to keep you happy and make all the efforts to make your love bond stronger.

He Does not Give Up

Check these things with yourself and see where it’s coming from. At the end of the day, if your guy loves you, it shows, and you know it, even before he says it.