9 Ways Fatherhood changes a Man

Your first babysitter, teacher, role model, and a friend, your dad has been more than just a father. He has molded himself in so many ways since the day you’ve stepped into that colorful crib straight to his heart. Fatherhood often brings a change in a man’s life and brain, however, it is also the phase where a man changes in a whole new way.

Dad with his child

If you think to learn to change the diapers and live through sleepless nights is what make him a dad, well, yes, it does! However, it’s a lot more than you could think. Fatherhood often brings out the best in a man in an unimaginable way that stays with him lifelong and makes him a better man and a dad!

1. He Grows Up!

Long the days are gone when he could recklessly get drunk and spend the nights partying. With you stepping into the family, he learns the basic rule of life which comes by taking responsible care of the near ones and staying together through thick and thin.

Responsible care of a dad

2. He Learns The Language Of Love

To him, love had been meaning to go on dates, loving momma, and romancing his day and nights out. Fatherhood adds a new meaning to his dictionary where love begins to mean unconditional, selfless, kind, and a lot more than just hugs, kisses, and expecting father's day gifts.

A Different Love From Your Dad

3. He Becomes Protective

Keeping a check on every movement of the little one to cuddling whenever he can, he becomes a protector taking a stronghold of the emotional and financial side of his life. Try hiding behind the couch and you will be able to see how much that will worry him.

Father as Family Protector

4. He Expresses More

Taking on the babies voice now, holding hands while walking, making you sit on his lap and shoulders, believe us when we say that he is even ready to put on a princess dress and dance on the tunes of lullabies and other princesses songs or might even wear a spiderman’s outfit to cheer you up!

Father making you sit on his lap

5. He Takes On The Gentle Role

Fatherhood makes him calm, gentle, and kind. Basically, he becomes non-violent and learns that his recklessness can cost him unimaginably. He is no more a bash lad who once used to indulge in brawls.

father treating love to his daughter

6. He Becomes Health Freak

Mum’s love has made him a foodie and becoming a father has made him realize how his carelessness can cost him his life and kid’s happiness. He learns to meditate, control his temperament and works out regularly.

Be a healthy dad

7. He Learns to Listen

Understanding the unspeakable, the actions, and the child-like language of his kid is what makes him a dad and not just a father. He learns to talk less and understand more, in short, he becomes a listener.

Father as a listener

8. He Becomes A Planner

Spending lavishly, partying around, purchasing exorbitant things have been replaced with a nominal living where there’s something called savings and planning accordingly keeping the budgets of today and tomorrow in mind.

An Expectant dad planning for tomorrow

9. He Becomes A Dad

From a son, a lover, a husband, he becomes a nurturer, a supporter, a friend, a companion, and finally, a dad. Also, a superhero in a cape, a warrior in formals, and a king who would do anything to take care of his loved ones.

Dad as a superhero