What is Friendship Day?

Friendship has roots from ancient times, but these days it has become quite popular among people, especially among the youngsters and the teenagers. Friendship Day is a special day to celebrate the love of friends. It is a day when people express their heartfelt feelings for their friends by sharing adorable friendship bands and gifts.

Like other festivals, there is also a traditional way to celebrate Friendship Day in India. People meet their friends and exchange gifts, cards, flowers and also send friendship day quotes to each other. They honor their friends with personalized gifts and cards. Many organizations host cultural programs and get together on the special occasion of Friendship Day. These are the various ways to celebrate the love of friends in the form of Friendship Day. Like other relations, friendship has also an old and popular story of the true friendship of Shri Krishna and his poor friend Sudama which is quite inspirational for this generation.

A true friend is one who always stands by you in every stage of life and always tries to keep you happy. These days people have a long list of friends but very few of them are true. Therefore, start with yourself and be a loyal friend of someone and always stand by them in every situation.