Add Chocolate In These Dishes and Experience Heaven, Within

Life would have been so boring without the presence of chocolates in our lives. From chocolate desserts to chocolate theme dinner, chocolate is a gift of love that can be gifted to oneself, every now and then. It’s not that chocolate is the substitute for love. But, rather love is a substitute for chocolate.

Add Chocolate in Dishes

Being so appealing to the eyes and to the tastebuds, it makes an excellent gift for every occasion to treat different relations. Chocolate gifts are trending these days because of probably the kind of love that exists amongst the people for this cocoa product. From being a stress buster to being an aphrodisiac to being a cure of a poor heart, over the years, you might have come across some easy chocolate recipes for baking the best chocolate cake. But have you heard of some other, not so quintessential chocolate dishes? Well, now you would. Here are a few unknown unusual chocolate dishes that you probably never knew existed. So, without further ado, let’s begin to discuss these chocolate recipes in detail!

1. Chocolate Pizza

All you pizza lovers, out there! Doesn’t the thought of relishing something heavenly like this give you some food orgasm? The best dessert version for a pizza lover, this chocolate pizza is an absolutely fail-proof recipe to please your loved ones with or to quelch your dessert as well as pizza cravings.

Chocolate Pizza

2. Chocolate Momos

The next chocolate recipe which made us go all head over heels for it has to be this chocolate momos recipe. While most people can’t imagine a sweet touch, instead of a spicy, saucy touch to dumplings/momos, twisting this popular street food with chocolate instead of chicken or some vegetarian stuffing has been no less than a dream in itself. So, once in your lifetime, you have to give this recipe a try for sure. We know you would fall in love with it and keep wanting for more.

Chocolate Momos

3. Chocolate Pani Puri

Now, you don’t have to face the dilemma of choosing either “Meetha Paani '' or “Khatta Paani”, anymore! With paani puri coming with a chocolatey modern twist, puris will be filled with walnuts and dipped in delectably creamy chocolate sauce, making it a sweet dessertlicious paradise for you to relish. If you don’t consider this something like this recipe to be a chocolaty bliss, then we don’t know what you would!

Chocolate Pani Puri

4. Chocolate Pasta

Undoubtedly, an unusual dessert which is served with vanilla extract and sugar icing, a chocolate pasta can be included in a romantic dinner for two, for sure! On special occasions like Valentine’s or anniversary or your partner’s birthday, put all your love while cooking a chocolate pasta to make him/her go “Wallah”.

Chocolate Pasta

5. Chocolate Chicken Curry

It was initially said that Mexicans were known to replace the spicy, saucy element in various recipes and then to replace it with chocolate. One such recipe was this chocolate chicken curry’s recipe. Mole Poblano, as it is popularly known, is prepared with two major ingredients: chicken and chocolate. Most of the people who tasted it once tasted it endless more times. So, chances are you will even fall for this unusual recipe, for sure.

Chocolate Chicken Curry

So, these were a few unusual chocolate recipes that let you experience heaven on earth as you relish them. Happy Fooding! :)