Amaze Your Dear Ones on Their Special Celebration with These Custom Cakes

Cakes are the dessert for every occasion. Be it a birthday party or an anniversary celebration, cakes mesmerize one and all with their amazing taste and beautiful design and manage to make a place close to everybody’s heart. With so many cake options available these days, it becomes difficult to select one for your loved ones for their special celebration. But the good news that now you can even customise cakes as per your preference by choosing your favourite design and flavour and personalise them accordingly.

 custom birthday cakes

Celebration cakes are ought to be special and what is better than customised cakes to make the occasion a special and memorable one. Here is a list of personalised cakes for your loved ones for different occasions that will truly make them happy and delighted on their special day.

1. Birthday Cakes

Cakes manage to make a special place in our hearts especially on our birthdays when the centre of attraction is always the delicious and lofty piece of cake kept at the centre of the table. If you are planning to design a special birthday cake for one o your loved ones, you should surely go for something that is inspired by either their favourite sport, favourite car, favourite movie character and even their favourite cartoon.

 Birthday Cakes

You can also go for something that they love to do like playing cricket or doing makeup. If you are still confused about how to customise the cake, you can also go for photo cakes and imprint their picture on the top. Which is yet another amazing custom birthday cake idea for your dear ones.

2. Wedding Cakes

Cakes have become an integral part of weddings these days and are being followed as a tradition in many parts of the world and therefore a wedding cake has ought to be a special one and here is when designer cakes online come into play. A cake must reflect the theme of the wedding and therefore it is important for you to decide on the theme of the wedding before finalising the cake.

 Wedding Cakes

Depending on the theme you can go for a rustic cake, floral theme cake, elegant minimalist cake or even vibrant coloured cake with different flavours.

3. Baby Shower Cakes

Baby shower cakes are meant to welcomes your baby with a lot of joy and happiness and therefore your cake should definitely speak of it too. If you are looking for beautiful yet delicious cakes for this day, you can opt for a customised cake with a picture of the mother and a baby or fondant toppers. Or you can also opt for a beautiful jungle themed customised cake welcoming the baby into the world.

 Baby Shower Cakes

If you wish to keep it simple and sober, you can go on to customise a unicorn-themed cake with a beautiful welcome note on the top which will surely be the showstopper of your birthday shower celebrations.

4. Anniversary Cakes

Anniversaries are meant to celebrate the special bond between you and your partner and therefore an anniversary cake shall also be a special one that makes your bond stronger. While there are a lot of custom anniversary cake designs that you can opt for one of the most popular anniversary cakes is a heart-shaped red velvet cake with a beautiful picture of you two on the top.

 Anniversary Cakes

Apart from that, you can also go for designer cakes with the image of a girl proposing to a boy or something with a beautiful design that depicts the beautiful story and bond.

5. Farewell Cakes

Willing to make somebody’s farewell day a memorable one? Well, you can simply do this with cakes. Design a classy and elegant farewell cake depending on what person you are giving the farewell to.

 Farewell Cakes

If you are giving a farewell to your boss, you can get a classic boss icon drawn on the cake with the best boss tag or get a simple cake designed for your dear friend with a beautiful farewell note on top.

6. Bachelorette Cakes

If it’s your friend’s bachelorette, the cake is also ought to be a special one and therefore you must look for the best online cake shop to get a beautiful bachelorette cake designed. You can go for fondant cakes with fondant toppers of a bride and a groom romancing or a fun cake that tells them that their game is finally over since they are getting married.

 Bachelorette Cakes

Cakes surely are the best gifts to give to your loved ones especially on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and a custom cake surely adds to the joy of the celebrations. So, customise a beautiful cake according to the occasion and make every moment a special one.