What are Amazing Fun Facts About Tulip Plants

Tulips are one of the most quintessential spring blooms. They're seen frequently in blossom beds, gardens and fields, and in bouquets and arrangements. Indeed, the energetically shaded blooms are so emblematic of spring that they are one of the most well-known blossoms for occasional wedding arrangements! But wait, that's not it! There's more to these pretty little flowers than meet the eyes. There's a lot of bizarre history that these flowers carry making it weird and funny at the same time. We have mentioned below funny facts about the great tulip flower plant.

Amazing Fun Facts About Tulip Plants

1.Tulips are Probably the Reason Behind First Economic Crash

Wait, what? During the 1600s tulips were the most costly blossom on the planet—some were even esteemed higher than most houses. Some said that the cost of a tulip was 10 times what an average person earned in a year. People traded bulbs for far over their actual value before the market suddenly collapsed. The term "Tulip Mania" was derived from this event.

2.A Never-Ending Variety

Tulips can be classified into around 150 different species, yet there are more than 3,000 normally occurring and genetically developed assortments of the flower around the world. New varieties of tulips are routinely made, but it takes everyone 20 years to go from the earliest starting phases of development to your nearby florist's shop.

Never-Ending Tulips Variety

4.Some Tulips are Illegal in Some Parts of the World

Wait, this beautiful flower is illegal? Generally known as the "broken" tulips, these striped tulips were banned by the Dutch government in the 1980s because they can weaken bulbs.

3.The Perfect Symmetry

Tulips are known for their striking hues and lovely shape, and most assortments are splendidly even. The sprouts have three sepals and three petals, but the sepals are nearly a similar size and shape as the petals, tulips seem to have six petals to a bulb.

Perfect Symmetry

5.Cooking with Tulips

Just like many different flowers, tulips are consumable! Truth be told, during World War II, tulips and tulip bread were regularly eaten by the individuals who couldn't bear the cost of other foods. The blooms can be utilized to replace onions in numerous dishes and are even used to make fine wine.

6.The Lily Family

And it gets crazier. The lovely blooms are related to another famous spring flower: the lily. Tulips are a part of the Liliaceae family, which likewise contains lilies, garlic, onions and asparagus.

Lily Family

7.Queen of the Night

Tulips are known for their splendid and bright hues. They have been developed in each shading aside from great blue. One of the most intriguing shades of a tulip assortment is the profound purple of the Queen of the Night tulip. The blossom is so dull that it seems dark in certain lights and is rapidly picking up fame for its one of a kind tone.

So, it's quite clear that there's a lot attached to this exotic Indian tulip tree. I hope you find it informative and funny! So buy tulips plants online in India and send it your loved ones.

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