How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party?

The birthday of a loved one makes for a perfect occasion to show them how much they mean to you and the most delightful way to do so is to throw them a surprise party enveloping their favourite elements. Now, as easy as it sounds, throwing a surprise birthday party takes a lot of efforts, planning and management. From picking up the cake to make sure the guests are in at the time, every detail has to be under a keen eye observation. If you are new to all this and don’t know where to start, and asking yourself again and again that ‘how to plan a surprise birthday party?’then let us help you in throwing the best birthday bash ever for someone you love. Let’s start.

Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

Location, Location, Location

Finding a good venue should be the first thing on your list. Visit a few places before you lock down the final one and do it as early as possible so that you lose it to someone else for an occasion. However, someone’s home beats the party spot any day because it is cozy, familiar and won’t ruin the element of surprise of the birthday girl or boy.

Party Location

The Guest List

Sure, you must have every name on your mind, but it is always a good idea to put that list on paper so that you won’t miss anyone. It will also help in case you have to add someone for the invitation or cross off a name, in case someone won’t be able to make it. This list will help you to manage other crucial things such as food menu and catering needs.

Guest List

Indulging Invitations

Make sure the invitation reaches the guests at least 15 days before the event so that they can make arrangements to be present at the party. The last-minute invitation can make your party lose the edge as there won’t be enough crowd. Ask guests to arrive 30 minutes before the party and park off-site so as not to raise any suspicions. If you are thinking of a theme party, mention the details in the invitation only.

Indulging Invitations

Foodilicious Fun

Hire a caterer for the special day and decide the lip-smacking menu so that you don’t have to serve bread-butter and cola on the party. Be inclusive when you pick the menu and keep both vegetarian, non- vegetarian food, alcoholic-non alcoholic drink food ready if you don’t wish to upset the audience who will make this surprise party a hit.

Foodilicious Fun

Groove and Play

Yelling surprise and cutting the cake is hardly a 15-minute activity. To make this party a hit includes some fun games that you think will be fit for the audience. It will keep them engaged and make you a hit party planner. Include the music that everyone could dance too and some numbers that could make everybody delve into emotions.

Groove and Play

The Secret Arrangement

Don’t forget to mention it hard that the party is a surprise and no one should spoil the day for your loved one. With a large gathering, there is a high probability the secret will slip out, so, it will be the best in interest if you invite the people who could be trusted with this and are close enough to the birthday person.

Secret Arrangement

The Decoration Quotient

A party is as good as beautiful it looks! Don’t put the decors on second thought and pick the supplies beforehand to avoid any last-minute obstacles. If you are choosing the venue at a place other than home, there is a good option that you will get decor options from which you can choose.

Decoration Quotient

Don’t Forget The Gift

It’s easy to lose track of things when you are planning a lovely surprise for someone whom you love but keep in mind that birthday is made better with gifts and you shouldn’t forget to pick them something unique and thoughtful. The surprise birthday party idea should not eclipse what you really wish to present them with.

Don’t Forget The Gift

And last but not least, surprise your friends with love and pamper them the whole day on their birthday. So, now you have got the answer to your question that ‘how to plan a surprise birthday party?’. In case you are not able to lay hands on a token of love for your dear bestie, try picking birthday gifts for friends online and give them something that will make them squeal with delight.