5 Tips for Surviving New Year's Eve Hangover

Get energized, guys! In case you're in any way similar to me, it's that time where you're going to drink yourself senseless to watch the calendar change and then promise not to drink alcohol the next day because you can barely move. I know, when I put it that way it doesn't sound wonderful. But let's face it with ourselves... regardless of these facts that we realize we will get a dreadful hangover on January first, we can't restrict ourselves not to go out and party our brains out on New Year's Eve.

Tips for surviving new year's eve hangover

Firstly let's be clear, I am not here to change your mind. What I am here to do today is to assist you to deal with hangover day. And if you believe you're the only one, you're most certainly not. As there is even an occasion known as the National Hangover Day, they wouldn't make that occasion just because you would have been the only hungover individual on the planet. So worry not! Below you can find the five tips for surviving this hangover of New Year party -

1. Have your morning prepared for the aftereffects - Yes! You are going to feel dizzy when you wake up on January first, and of course, you will be in no shape to roam around or go hungover at work. So, at least get a friend staying with you and place some medicinal supplies for headache, as you are going to feel it a lot.

Morning prepared for the aftereffects

2. Hydrate more and more - This is the most important thing that you can do to calm down the effect of hangover. You must have heard that it is advised to drink water before the drink and while intaking the alcohol, but that's not the full info. You actually need to stay hydrated from 2-3 days before D Day. So, while managing the bar accessories, keep a tab of drinking water.

Hydrate more and more

3. Alcohol Quality - That's the truth about hangovers, if you drink low-quality cheap alcohol, you are going to pay for it in the morning. This is because the cheaper alcohol has more toxins in it and it is less distilled. That means that it will lead to a painful present at the start of the New Year. So, choose the alcohol that will not harm your body.

Alcohol Quality

4. Lemonade (Nimbu Paani) - It is considered as an excellent cure to treat hangovers. It flushes out toxins and beats dehydration. Try drinking the juice without mixing any beverages or water to the Nimbu Paani. It will fasten the process. So have some lemons around you while drinking.


5. Drink in the limit? - I am not saying that you shouldn't drink on New Year's Eve, but you can set some limits for drinking alcohol. Think about your body and the aftereffects, and consume according to that

Drink in the limit

That's all from me, guys! Enjoy the eve with your loved ones and send New Year wishes to them from our New Year personalised gifts collection.