Sansevieria Has Got a New Name! Did You Know That?

Imagine waking up one day and calling your favorite flower Rose by the name “Rangeela”. Damn, that’s not gonna happen, right? You will just stick with the Rose. So, we can understand that when the name of your favorite plant is changed, you won’t get easily adapted to the new name. So, did you know that Sansevieria trifasciata is now called Dracaena trifasciata? Yes! It has got a new name.

But why are the names of the plants changed? There are two or three reasons why plant names are changed. To start with, the most old name on paper is the name that comes first. In case that a printed record is found with another name for a plant and is a more established report than the one that has the current name, it is changed. The next explanation is that it was misidentified from the starting. The mistake is found and rectified. The third explanation is the plant is totally reclassified. When taxonomists previously gave names to plants, they divided plants by their "looks", their blossom parts that looked similar to other plants' blossoms, etc. With DNA sequencing in game, things are different now. So, basically when all of the DNA testing will be done, no one has to worry about the name changes anymore.

Sansevieria Plant

As for the Sansevieria plant, you will now have to call it by Dracaena. Commonly goes by the name Snake Plant, the plant is popular for its amazing benefits. Let’s have a look!


Increases the Oxygen Flow

We know that every green plant produces oxygen, which helps us to be alive. However, the Snake Plant is one of the most oxygen-producing house plants. Ficus and Pothos also fall in this rundown. And when the amount of oxygen at your home or office increases, there will be an improvement in your mindset as well. You will feel less stressed and more focused!

Control Carbon Dioxide at Night

Snake Plants work even around evening time by decreasing carbon dioxide from your home environment. Crassulacean Acid Metabolism or CAM is a term used for night time photosynthesis. Those plants which can perform CAM are drought tolerant and dry season plants like succulents. If you have some of these at your home, you can be protected even around the evening time while sleeping.

Prevent Allergy

Apart from eliminating carbon dioxide even at night and increasing oxygen level, Snake plants additionally lessen airborne allergies. It is okay and acceptable to use air fresheners or air purifiers; however, keep in mind, what a plant can do no man-made machinery can, so don not forget to bring this dazzling plant at your home - as this not only will purify the air but also add a charm to your home decor.

Sansevieria Benefits

So, these were the different benefits of your favorite so called Dracaena trifasciata plant. Fill your house with these beautiful plants and enjoy the benefits. Also, good luck adapting to the naw name!