April Fools Prank Ideas

April fools day is a yearly ritual on the 1st of April, and the day is synonymous with harmless pranks on anyone. This exciting day’s origins are not that clear, and it’s also not a public holiday unless you are in Odessa or Ukraine. But it doesn’t mean you are exempt from pranks from your loved ones. With that in mind, it is essential that you also have some tricks up your sleeve to return the favour. And there is just that someone who you always wanted to prank and will never grow tired but get new ideas every year - your sister. You may ask yourself “why her”? If not her then who? She is probably hatching a plan right now to double the pranks you have made altogether. So you will need new April fools ideas better than what you have done before. Be a little more creative and think outside the box this time.

April Fools Prank Ideas

You can also try to cheer her up and show her that you are a changed person. Let her puzzle if it’s for the best or worst with gifts for sister. In this post, we share April fools day ideas. Take a look.

Palms Down

Tell your sister that you just leant a new trick. So put your palm on the table and place a glass filled with water on your hand. Then bet with her that she can’t balance glasses on both her hands. You have to play innocent here nicely, and slowly does the trick help her. When you get to put the glasses with water on both her hands, you’re done just walk out.

Boiled Eggs

If she is used to making fried eggs in the morning - perfect, you can start with making her day somewhat awkward. Take all the eggs and boil them completely, when done place them back where you found them. This trick may require you to have an early morning on this day.

Fake Snake

Though almost everyone is familiar with this trick, it never gets old. When done right, you would be the King/Queen of April fools day. You’ll need a fake rubber snake or something that looks like one. Then attach a thin cable and tie where you know she likes to frequent. So when she opens the doors, the snake will jump out at them.


Sometimes you have to spend a little just to make sure that your pranks goi according to plan. You can order an extra remote control or download a universal remote application and switch the channels when your sister is watching her favourite show.

Fake Cake

No one can say “no” to a cake and with you and your record for pranking your sister. You can approach her and promise not to prank her on this day. But unknowingly, you are already planning your move. Grab a piece of foam and cut into a cake shape, then decorate using real cake ingredients. Just don’t laugh when you present this cake among other gift items.