Cake Flavors For Anniversary

An amazing thing that accompanies anniversaries every year is the cake tasting! The idea of lighting candles, beautiful rosettes on top, luscious fondant drape, the flavorsome layering makes up our mind to attend the celebration no matter how hard the excuse gets. In fact, it is the cake cutting ceremony that everybody waits for. Slicing up the deliciousness, the wedding cake flavors are the main attraction and believe us, you can’t go vanilla in it.

If it is your anniversary, your parents, or of your friends, a cake with perfect cake fillings is something that can bag you the much-needed parades of praises. Of course, truffle, choco chip, are some of the wedding cake flavors

However, if you are really wishing to make a statement and want everyone to drool just by the sight of it, here are a few of the out-of-the-box best anniversary cake flavours. Keep scrolling, keep rolling!

1. Lemon

Refreshing as a summer breeze, a light, and zesty lemon cake can be a perfect anniversary cake flavor. Tantalizing taste buds, it can squeeze out the fun among everybody around and crown you as the perfect host. A lemon cake can be easily frosted with buttercream, fruits, and can tickle long forgotten memories on 10th anniversary or 15th anniversary.

2. Caramel Toffee

Let the couple in love talk caramels on their special day. Celebrating the candy-like love, caramel toffee cake is among the best cake flavor ideas that is deeply sweet, chewy, insanely addictive and can raise a toast on their first or fifth anniversary.

3. Hazelnut Almond

Nutty and sweet just like the young love, a hazelnut almond cake is preferred who are seeking something new to adorn the center table with. With hints of Ferrero Rocher, this can ace the anniversary with its irresistible flavor. Perfect for the caring years, this can be ordered online for the fifth, sixth, to the tenth anniversary.

4. Red Velvet

Paired with cream cheese frosting, the hue of this flavor itself celebrates the love and romance of the wedding anniversary in the delicious manner possible. You can opt for a tier red velvet cake, or go through a delectable array of anniversary photo cakes to make the best decision.

5. Ginger Spice

Keeping the aroma and the essence of the relationship alive, a ginger spice flavor can make up for the spice that the couple seem to be missing out on. Unlike the above mentioned, you can go with this delight to embrace a twenty fifth, thirtieth anniversary.

6. Coffee Cream

Addictive as ever, cocoa blended with fresh whipped cream can simply hypnotize your lover and everybody else present at the celebration. A coffee cream is sure to warm hearts especially during the growing years of the marital bond.

7. Nutella Peanut Butter

Dense, rich, and infused with the most wanted things of the world, a Nutella peanut butter cake can simply strike your spouse with an OMG moment and make them forget about the calorie count and gobble it up at that very instant. Just when you are wanting to trigger the inner child, order this cake flavor for the fifteenth, twentieth, or maybe thirty-fifth anniversary.

8. Pink Champagne

Get your partner drunk in love with a champagne cake flavor. Amalgamated with the dough, the Champagne can induce its flavor as a base note. Fruits are often used to add a citrus touch to the decadence.

9. White Chocolate and Raspberry

We all have baked, tasted, and lived dark chocolate, however, it is the white chocolate that can reignite the spark and melt the lovers back in romance. Topped with raspberries, blueberries, this delight is best when it comes to commemorating all the anniversary milestones.

10. Chocolate Blueberry

A fluffy, soft, chocolate sponge with a decadent glaze and blueberries on top can make the couple fall back to the naughtier times they have been missing out on. In fact, you can order this one for your parent’s anniversary as well.

These are some of the unique cake flavors and fillings that can redefine the togetherness and make the couples follow the forever oath deliciously!

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