Cakes For Anniversary Per Year

If this is your month of anniversary or of your parents, you got to celebrate it the delicious way! That’s right, apart from wrapping the precious gifts that you’ve got for your spouse or for your parents, the anniversary is never considered celebrated without a cake. The sweetness of the matrimony is infused in these slices of heaven and therefore, it is must-have whether it is the first anniversary or the fiftieth.

However, not every time, butterscotch or a vanilla cake would do, with years passing by, the wedding vows to need to be renewed with cakes that are unique and hold the significance that each anniversary year brings with it. The following list will help you with all the anniversary cakes per year and bag appreciation just the way you’ve wanted.

1st Anniversary Cake:

The first year is all about sharing sunsets and sunrise together and to keep the spark of the relationship alive, a heart-shaped 1st Anniversary Cake is worth staging the party with. You can begin by picking the favorite flavor of your spouses like vanilla, strawberry, or red velvet.

2nd Anniversary Cake:

The second year is basically the year when you think you know your partner but it turns out you still don’t. To celebrate this beauty of this relationship, there can be no better thing to do than browsing through the 2 year wedding anniversary cakes and picking a delicious buttercream rosette cake all pipped and frosted with love and affection.

3rd Anniversary Cake:

Three years of togetherness, this calls for something really new and different. You can pick a numerical cake to spice things up or go for a photo cake that bakes a photographic memory into something really delicious.

4th Anniversary Cake:

One, two, three, four, after a double heart cake, would make your spouse love you to the core. Pick up some enticing flavors such as blueberry, red velvet, tiramisu, or a tangy-sweet fruit cake.

5th Anniversary Cake:

A fifth anniversary first calls for a grand party of course and a memorable celebration with a sumptuous, scrummy cake. You can begin with a tier fondant cake with a wedding couple cake topper on top!

10th Anniversary Cake:

A decade of togetherness deserves a grand celebration You can either plan a grand party or go for a weekend getaway and order online a numerical cake, ruffle, or a cake in a designer theme.

15th Anniversary Cake:

By the fifteenth anniversary, you might feel the need of not celebrating, however, a 15 years wedding anniversary cake still is a necessity. Keeping the charm of the relationship alive, the sweet bites from a choco chip cake or a dark chocolate truffle cake is worth relishing.

20th Anniversary Cake:

The 20th marriage anniversary is a big milestone. Almost like a lifetime together, this calls for celebrating the commitment that has nestled the relationship together. Embrace the occasion with a 20 years wedding anniversary cake and a “We still do” cake topper on a designer fondant cake.

25th Anniversary Cake:

Spending a quarter of a century in love with one person is a grand milestone! As the anniversary is also known as the silver anniversary, you can opt for glittering embellishments, silver-like palatable pearls perfectly adorned on a luscious marriage anniversary cake.

30th Anniversary Cake:

You might be parents, fretting about our college kids and young adults, but then you’re romantic souls too. Revive the honeymoon phase of your relationship with finger licking strawberry flavour cake melt in mouth dark fantasy chocolate.

40th Anniversary Cake:

Ruby anniversary is worth the celebration. This can be of your grandparents as well. Call for a party and order online a statement-making glazed cake that is simply oh-so luscious!

50th Anniversary Cake:

A big congratulations if you’re among the lucky couples who get to stay in love for almost half a century with the same person. Celebrate the golden anniversary with a sparkling unique cake baked with a smooth texture, topped with milk and dark chocolate toppings.