How to Celebrate Father's Day?

For the man who weaves his life around us and sacrifices everything to see a smile on our face - for the Father, Happy Father’s Day!

It’s high time we start to celebrate Father’s Day with utmost grace and zest!

Falling in the third week of June, Father’s day brightens up the summer with its utmost beauty of celebrating our only real and promising superhero, our dad. It is a day of honouring fatherhood, paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. Father’s never receives even half of the appreciation that they deserve for their sacrifices. So, Father’s day is the opportunity for all of us. It’s time to hit the search engines for father’s day celebration ideas. Today, we will outline many fun and creative things to do for father’s day 2020. Something that will make him feel special and loved and will pump his heart with pride and joy. Let’s roll in!

A Text Asking Him How He’s Doing!

You are a grown-up now, out and away from your dad for study or job purposes. Have you ever counted the times he has called you just to know about your well-being? We bet, never! Calls from fathers don’t last more than half a minute, but the calls are way beyond the boundaries of Love. Sending a text just to know your dad’s well-being is one of the cutest things to do for father’s day 2020. Unsure about a revert from his side but sure about the smile on his face.

Listen To The Stories From His Good Old Days!

There are no better father’s day celebration ideas than spending time with the dad. Place chairs in the balcony, make a cup of tea, sip together, and make him dive into his old days. Keep on asking questions and from time to time and listen quietly and interestingly to his stories. It’s all about spending quality time and get to know things about your father. We are sure you will find some crazy stuff because baap bhi kbhi jawan tha and secrets are always there.

Present Your Father A Homemade Gift!

Go for the greeting card! It's in the nature of Father's that they won't show or speak what is going on in their mind and the heart. And dada won't even reply with as much grace after receiving a Happy Father's Day wish as they are too shy for that. That's why a homemade greeting card makes one of the best Father's day homemade gifts. Just go to him on the eve or morning as and when you feel ready and handover the greeting card to your father. Ask him to open it alone!

Decorate His Room!

He has decorated your life with smiles, happiness, fun, and things that you have demanded. So, on Father’s Day put as much creativity as you can, to decorate his room for the special occasion. You can use a caricature of things he likes, such as watches and whiskey bottles. Turn his room into a dreamland that speaks only about Father's Day celebration from every corner. If any time you feel short of creativity, you always have the power to explore the internet for father’s day decorating ideas.

Grooming Kit For Your Handsome Dad!

There is no way that your father won't love receiving a combo of useful gifts on father's day. A complete grooming kit including Beardo Hair Wax, Beardo Charcoal Peel Off Mask, Beardo Charcoal Soap, and Gillette Vector 3 Razor to make him feel rejuvenated and fresh and that too in a classy brown leather bag is something that fits the occasion. It is one of the most useful father’s day gifts. He will be delighted to see this and will know instantly how much you care for him. Don't forget to add a sticker reading "Baapu Mera Suthra Bohot hai".

Expose The Place of Millenials To Him - Get Him On Instagram!

He may have always been wondering and scolding you for being stuck to the smartphone. Father’s Day is the time you let him know what is so exciting in smartphones. Dads climbing the network tree of Facebook is now a history-thing, expose Instagram to your Dad. Take his phone and set up his profile and show him how to use it. This is one of a lot of father’s day activities to make him feel young again. Just a warning: Now he may get scolded from his beloved wife! Wink Wink!!

Father’s Day Special - Best Dad Cake!

He has always made sure to furnish your birthdays with a delicious cake. It’s time for the payback (just to say, you can never pay back your dad). Surprise him on the eve of father’s day by presenting a toothsome and occasion specified chocolate flavoured BEST DAD CAKE because he is the chocolate among all the other flavours of your life. It will surely make him feel on the ninth cloud. Switch on the speakers and play a father’s day song during the cake cutting session to uplift the merriment of the moment.

That Medical Check-up He’s Ignoring From A Long Time!

Father’s are unpredictable, and so the Father’s day celebration ideas should be! Nothing can be more important to you than his heath. On this Father’s day, take a day off from your work and ask your Father too for taking leave and take him for the overall health check-up. Doing something that will result in your Father’s betterment is the best way to celebrate Father’s day. He may try to ignore it, but you shouldn’t let him do this time.

Thank You Note!

Pick up a, and a paper and start writing your heart out thanking your father for every single thing that he has done for you. Put your emotions into words and tell your father that you respect him for his hard work and his selfless sacrifices. Tell him that you look up to him for his courage, strength, and sense of pushing limits just for the happiness of the family. End the note with a soothing Happy Father’s Day Quote.

Can’t write more because words are not enough to describe a Father!