When is Father's Day celebrated?

Father's Day is celebrated in honor of Fathers and Father-like figures. Honoring their countless efforts, this day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June throughout the world. Now, you must be wondering when is fathers day in India? In India too, toasts will be raised for all the daddies out there on June 21, third Sunday of June. Technically the answer to the question when do we celebrate Father's Day is it is celebrated throughout the year, however, it is the day when one can put aside everything and keep him as the priority just like he has been doing throughout his life. Solely dedicated to them, it is the day when heartfelt thanks are conveyed via gestures, in fact, grand gestures to make him feel special and elated. Kids draw sketches, craft cards, gather flowers from the garden to put a beaming smile on his face while teenagers and adults prefer to send gifts like watches, cakes, Father's day personalized gifts such as mugs, cushions, tabletops, frames, t-shirts, and etc., that are special just like him. The goal of the day is to say thank you like you mean it. While these can be one of the gifts, a few of the gestures like breakfast in bed, accompanying him in gardening, spending the day with him can be thoughtful.

Dates of Father's Day for Next Five Years

Year Date Day
2020 21st June Sunday
2021 20th June Sunday
2022 19th June Sunday
2023 18th June Sunday
2024 16th June Sunday