One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Your boyfriend or husband might forget a few things about you but he will never forget the day you walked into his life and you gotta believe when we say, he is up and rolling for it. Just like the other 364 days, he is all set to finish the year with a bang. To a terrific partner like him, you gotta step up and make sure to warm his heart like never before. Of course, you can gift something from his wishlist, however, you can surprise him either with the traditional best one year anniversary gifts for him or with the modern anniversary gift idea.

One Year Anniversary Gift:

  • Traditional Gift: Paper
  • Modern Gift: Clock

Following are a few awesome 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas that can uplift his spirits, dazzle him, and make him feel adored just the way you’ve wanted.

1. Paper Gifts

Celebrate the first anniversary, the traditional style! Paper gifts are the traditional gifts of the year representing the fragility of the relationship. A paper gift such as DIY cards, diary, wall poster, a novel, a handmade paper scroll, concert tickets, love letters can be a perfect statement-making gift you would give to him today!

2. Clocks/Watches

Symbolizing the most important aspect of a relationship; give the gift of time to your partner. A wristwatch or a clock for his side of the room, this modern gift tops the 1st wedding anniversary present ideas for a boyfriend or husband. You can in fact, couple the modern clock gift with a traditional paper gift.

3. Skincare Products

No shame, if he has his own morning regime. Add a few more that are herbal, natural, and let him rejuvenate every day in your love. You can even go with activated charcoal products too.

4. Sportswear

Shoes, gym shorts, weights, dumbells, kettlebells, mats, duffle bag, give a kick start to the special day with these surprises. If he is into gyming or not, he is sure to like these anniversary gifts for him.

5. Precious Cuff Links

Add a precious finishing to his suiting with cuff links that are sure to make him standout wherever he goes. The pair can be heart crafted with stones, diamonds, metallic and are sure to go with all sorts of his party wear.

6. Travel Accessories

Short trips, road trips, if traveling is what makes him and his soul relaxed, give him a reason to cross boundaries with some designer accessories such as passport holder, keychain, travel bags, engraved name gifts, a toiletry bag, travel size containers, etc.

7. Luxury Perfumes

Pick a scent that can simply other girls go bonkers after him. You can, in fact, choose a cologne, an Eau de perfume that he has been wanting since forever.