Why Raksha Bandahan Is Celebrated?

Importance Of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is one of the grandiose festivals of India. It is celebrated as an ode to the loving bond between a brother and a sister. A sister ties a thread around her brother’s wrist which symbolizes her love for him and prays for prosperity, health and long life and brother vows to protect her sister from all harm and be with her in all ups and downs. This bond may seem fragile as it is bonded by a simple cotton thread but the emotions and sentiments attached with this symbolization are as powerful as it can be.

Folk Lores On The Celebration Of Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is celebrated in India since ancient times by following all the rituals from tying Rakhi on the brother’s wrist and giving a Rakhi gift to a sister. There are numerous stories mentioned about it in the Puranas and other religious texts. A few of them which are most popular are:

1. Draupadi and Krishna

In Indian mythology, this is one of the most popular stories regarding the duty that brothers have towards their sister. Draupadi, wife of five Pandavas brothers tied the knot of Rakhi on Lord Krishna’s hand and he promised to always protect her from any harm. Later, when Kauravas were being evil and Draupadi has to go through cheerharan, she prayed to Krishna who, with all his might, made it impossible to disrobe her sari.

2. Yama and Yamuna

Yama is the God of Death in Hindu mythology and Yamuna is his sister. Once when he visited his sister after a long time, she was so overjoyed that she celebrated his arrival by tying a Rakhi around his wrist along with other festivities. When Yama asked her what she wants in return, all she asked for her brother to visit more often. He blessed her with eternal life and Yamuna, second longest river of India, is still flowing seamlessly through Indian terrain.

3. Roxana and King Porus

When Alexander, was ready to conquer India with all his power, he faced serious restraints from Porus, king of Pauravas. Worried about her husband’s life, Roxana (wife of Alexander), sent a Rakhi to Porus requesting not to hurt her husband in the battlefield. This promise of Rakhi kept Porus from attacking Alexander in the Battle Of Hydaspes and he eventually, lost the war.

4. Humayun and Karnavati

When Rani Karnavati took over the kingdom of Mewar after the death of her husband, King Rana Sangha, she was attacked by Bahadur Shah of Gujrat for the second time. To seek help, she sent a rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun and requested for the military support. At the moment, Emperor Humayun himself was in the middle of the war but such was the respect of Rakhi, a cotton thread, that he left everything and went to Rani Karnavati to help her by all means necessary.

Reason For Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

The reason for celebrating Raksha Bandhan is to give a nod to the eternal and pious relation of brother and sister. This does not mean necessarily that this bond could be between blood relation only. Even if someone is not related by blood but is one of the most concerning human being who you respect and adore can be tied rakhi and mark the adoration one has for the extended family. In India, the relation between a brother and sister bonded together with a cotton thread is far more strong than in any other part of the world.