What Is Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan is a ritual of never-ending love between brother and sister which perfectly defines the strong bond between them. When words are not enough, a holy thread is simply tied on the wrist of the brothers by their sisters. This unique way of showing love is really indescribable. However, when it comes to say something about this festival, you can just say that it is a festival to celebrate love for the siblings. It is a widely celebrated festival in Eastern and Northern parts of India. Ideally, on this day, the girls put tikka on the forehead of their brothers and tie a colorful thread of love and blessings on their wrist who in return promise to protect her for the whole life. They also offer gifts as a symbol of commitment. Overall, the Rakshabandhan is all about celebrating sibling love in various parts of India and the countries like Nepal, Mauritius, etc.

Raksha Bandhan - It’s Meaning

Rakshabandhan is a popular festival celebrated across the country which symbolizes the selfless love between brothers and sisters. The word “ Raksha” means protection and “ Bandhan” means to tie. And the holy thread which offers by the sisters is a symbol of love and commitment between brother and sister. It does not only symbolize the love between brothers and sisters by blood, but, it is also celebrated among sisters-in-law, siblings by heart, aunt and nephew, and so forth. In Conclusion, it is a festival which is heartily dedicated to the pure love between those two pure souls who love each other unconditionally and committed to protect each other for a lifetime, they are either siblings by blood or siblings by heart.

Best Gift For Sisters For The Occasion of Raksha Bandhan

An occasion like Rakshabandhan rings the bell once in a year and it’s a moment which means a lot to a sister so, adore your loving sister with some super amazing gift items which can make her delighted on this special day. You will never go wrong with offering a package of dark chocolate, personalized mug, her favorite teddy, and so on. So, dedicate a meaningful gift that can bring a big smile of happiness on her face on this special day.

Gifts For Brothers For Raksha Bandhan

He would have been always surprised you with lots of gifts on various occasions. Now, it’s time to return the favor by giving a little token of love to your brother. With blessings and loads of love offer some heart-touching gifts to your naughty brother on the special occasion of Rakshabandhan. Delight him with some cute and adorable gifts such as personalized pen stand, personalized photo frame, God idol, etc. and let him know how much he means to you.