Attract Good Luck By Placing Lucky Bamboo In These Places

Earlier, the concept of gifting green and bringing greens into our living spaces was something not that famous or needed, as it is, these days. Scenarios seemed to have changed quite a lot if we talk about the “then vs now” situation. Probably, because of the rising pollution levels and other environmental hazards, nowadays everyone feels the need to gift green and keep greens which are “giving in nature”. If we take the every year scenario of the capital of India, then we can see how evident and urgent the need to grow and nurture greens has become. Undoubtedly, the situation is getting worse with each passing day and it is believed that only plants can save.

Lucky Bamboo

Talking about plants, every plant is unique in its sense, starting from some- being outdoors, and other indoors to owing to a different set of benefits. Some are flowering, while some others are non-flowering. Some are only meant to survive for a specific period of the season, while some others are evergreen, tropical kinds. Some are of the succulent variety while some others are of the foliage kind. Some tend to purify the air we breathe, while others tend to keep us calm, bring good luck, health, wealth, and prosperity. Due to all these reasons, one likes to gift and receive indoor plants when facing a gifting dilemma. One such plant species is the Lucky Bamboo plants which might not be able to purify the air around but can bring luck to you and your loved ones.

Lucky Bamboo plant has got a crucial role to play as per Fengshui norms. So, it has become a very popular kind of houseplant, mostly seen in a small glass container filled with stones or pebbles covered with water; but no soil bedding. As it is said that this Lucky Bamboo plant blesses with good luck, it needs to be placed in the right place. One must note that the place for lucky bamboo at home or office shall be different. Fengshui enthusiasts claim that it needs to be placed differently for wealth luck and health luck factors. For wealth luck, it has to undoubtedly be kept facing the southeast and for absorbing the good health luck factor, it needs to be placed facing the east sectors.


While placing it in the living room, it needs to be set right by facing in the southeast or east corner of a living room. Also, you can place it in the south sector over a coffee table to keep the Chi (i.e positive energy) getting circulated. Not all kinds of tables are suited for the free flow of good energy, so choose only the end table or a sofa table to suit the Feng Shui factors. Also, one may like to consider setting the lucky bamboo plant over the dinner centerpiece. So, to do so, you can face it over the centerpiece facing a mirror, so that the good luck tends to get doubled up for every family member.

Also, the arrangement of each stalk of the 6 stalks of a lucky bamboo plant seems to be differently placed. Place the plant in the east corner of the table corner to ensure good career growth and business. If you wish to place it over your desk then place it in the east or southeast corner of your desk. Fueling with good energy, that is too strong, this plant is advised not to be placed in the bedroom area, designated for relaxation to have contrary effects. Not just this plant, but Fengshui advises no plants to be placed in the bedroom.

So, once you know the directions to make the best possible use of the lucky bamboo plant, choose a fresh, green, and young plant to get optimum benefits secured for you and your loved ones. You can look for lucky bamboo plants online as well as offline. While you may not be confident of purchasing a lucky bamboo plant from online, but you can find the perfect fit from FlowerAura.