Avoiding Flowers That Cause Allergies

Flowers add aesthetic value and beauty to our lives. Would not your dining room have a lovely personal touch to it with a fresh flower arrangement giving colour, freshness, and beauty to the surroundings? Flowers brighten up the decor of the house and make everything appear more beautiful, more cheerful. Flowers give life to a drab setting. But what would be the situation if you, a lover of flowers, just kept on sneezing? Flowers are not the source of allergic reactions; it is the pollen that causes allergy. You must know the different types of flowers that are highly dangerous in terms of allergens. So, to start off, here are the flowers you need to stay away from:

Avoiding flowers that cause allergies

Dangerous flowers for allergy sufferers:

Flowers without pollen or flowers with less pollen are the safest for individuals who suffer from severe cases of allergic reactions. Visible pollens and flowers with a more open petal arrangement is generally a risky affair.

China roses, aster, dahlia, daisy, chamomile, sunflowers, etc are some of the flowers to steer clear of.

By spotting the flowers that cause allergies you will be able to help yourself and others who suffer from intense allergic reactions.

Suitable flowers for allergy sufferers:

Tea rose, cecile brunner and banksia rose

The tea rose, a hybrid variety, is one of the best flower options for people with allergies. They are compact and bright making the bouquet look attractive. There is very little trace of pollen that is quite well hidden inside the enclosed petal arrangement.

Another variation of non-allergic varieties of flowers to India that are related to the rose family would be Cecile Brunner and banksia rose. Both of these flowers have less pollen to aggravate the allergy. Banksia roses in fact are the smallest of the bunch.

Tea rose, cecile brunner and banksia rose

Tulips and lilies

Tulips and lilies are some of the best flowers for people with allergies. Also, they make wonderful bouquet flowers. Proper care has to be taken for lilies by spotting only homegrown flowers or even from a reputable source. Wild lilies and tulips are highly allergenic in nature. Also, the sap that flows out can cause skin rash so if you are prone to getting rash to avoid these.

Tulips and lilies Allergic Flowers


If you wish to spruce up your garden with allergen-free flowers while making it look alluring, then double petal bougainvillea flowers are for you. These flowers do not have any pollen. Plus the perfume is not that overpowering to cause allergies.

Bougainvillea Allergic Flowers


Camellias are available in 3 colors - red, white and pink. You will be able to spot many table and center pieces or spreads made of this flower because they are pollen-free; making them highly non allergic.

Camellia Allergic Flowers

Hydrangea macrophylla

These shrubs bloom flowers in pink and blue and are completely allergen-free. They have mostly modified leaves and give a hearty bloom to the garden without making you sneeze your lungs out.

Hydrangea macrophylla Allergic Flowers

Give your loved ones the best flower arrangement or insist on these fresh flowers for your special day without worrying about allergies. Take your pick!