What Your Choice Of Cake Says About You?

‘If eating cake is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.’ Well such is most of our attitudes when it comes to cakes. Cakes are a heavenly delight that can be savoured and enjoyed without an excuse. Some wish that if we could have cakes for every day of our lives, life would have been happier but only for the calories that a slice of cake has that we forbid us from this blissful dessert.

Choice Of Cake Says About

But one thing is for sure, that there are hardly a few people who do not love cakes. While each one of us have our own choices and also our own favourite cakes flavourwise, it is interesting to know that even the cake choice that we make says a lot about our personality. Here is what your choice of cake tells about you.

1. Black Forest Cake: The Social Butterfly

Classic and flavoursome, a black forest cake is surely a thing of the 90s. A typical round cake with cherries, cream and wafer biscuit on top gives us simple yet guiltless pleasures.

Black Forest Cake

If you are a black forest cake fan, your commitment, coherence & dashing food tastes are beyond admiration! Also you are a social butterfly who makes friends easily and is loved by people too. You know how to put your own suggestions and ideas forward and are comfortable in every situation.

2. Chocolate Cake: The Emotionally Vulnerable

If a chocolate cake seems appealing to you more than any other flavor then you have a personality that is also sweet like chocolate and you can win over any heart.

 Chocolate Cake

You can easily differentiate between right and wrong and support those who you think are right. You love to be emotionally satisfied and it is important for you to create positive, loving and fulfilling relationships with people. Sweet and emotional, you make a great spouse and a good friend.

3. Pineapple Cake: The Balancing Bee

If Pineapple is your preferred flavor over any other cake then you are a consistent yet simple person who prefers to stick to the tried and tested instead of getting swayed by the new and fashionable.

Pineapple Cake

You are a mild person and avoid extremes be it emotionally or physically. Considered as quick decision makers, pineapple cake lovers make for a loyal spouse and friend and possess good organizing abilities.

4. Red Velvet Cake: The Mysterious Being

Your love for one is incessant just like professor Snape’s from Harry Potter and that is what makes you mysterious and interesting. You like to keep things private as you often find yourself juggling between your social as well as private indulgences.

 Red Velvet Cake

Well, if you like to keep things low-profile and your camouflage is greater than your honesty, you are definitely a red velvet cake lover.

5. Butterscotch Cake: The Saviour

Your rational attitude and urge to make things better for yourself as well as for your friends and family, makes you the peacemaker in many situations.

 Butterscotch Cake

You are the one who is always up with a solution and manages to give good reason every time to solve a conflict. Today there are a lot of options like eggless cakes available in butterscotch flavor that can be enjoyed by everyone.

6. Fruit Cake: The Cheerful Soul

If you love fruit cakes, you are a lively and fun loving personal. You are curious and inquisitive about everything and are always ready to solve the hidden mysteries that exist in your life. You are always ready for thrilling adventures and love to explore and discover new things.

 Fruit Cake

Well, now you know that each flavor of cake has its own meaning and says a lot about your personality. We are sure that you must have related to each one of these. So what are you waiting for? Arrange for online cake delivery of your favourite flavor and flaunt your personality traits!