Awesome Father’s Day Gifts for New Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner which means that you need to make that new dad in your life feel special. Whether you are his brother, mother, father, wife, cousin, friend, or any other relatives, you know that becoming a father/parent for the first time is something magical, something so amazing that can’t be expressed in words. To give a pat on his back and to encourage him to be the best DAD, you should present him with the best first father’s day gifts. From personalised gifts to useful gifts, we have covered some of the best father's day gifts for new dad that they will cherish forever. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the list of special father's day gifts

New Dad Gifts

1. Personalised Beer Glass

An ultimate present for the dad who loves to drink beer. The glass is personalised with the date of birth of the kid to give it a sentimental touch. Apart from the date of birth, the name of dad and son/daughter is also imprinted on the glass making it a unique present that he will always keep with him.

Personalised Beer Glass

2. Smart Bluetooth Speaker/Assistant

A speaker like Alexa that can be easily linked with the mobile or laptop device and has in-built sensors to listen to the person is a very useful gift. The new dad can easily instruct the speaker to play some melodious songs for his small baby and can get work done sitting at the comfort of his couch.

Smart Bluetooth Speaker/Assistant

3. Personalised Plant

Go green, gift green! The new dad has to take care of his son/daughter and the personalised plant with the dad and child’s name on it will help with that. He will have to look after the plant, feed it water, give it adequate sunlight, etc. and all this will teach him the aspects of good parenting. Also, the plant will bring in greenery, positive vibes, and good luck to the house.

Personalised Plant

4. Smart Doorbell

Let the new dad be a good parent with this smart doorbell that enables the father to listen to anything outside the house door. So, if any delivery boy comes or any visitor is at the doorstep, then without ringing a bell and disturbing the child’s sleep, the dad can go to the doorstep to receive the parcel or invite someone in.

Smart Doorbell

5. Photo Calendar

A memorable gift to add to the new dad’s bedroom or office wall! The photo calendar can be filled with 12 photographs. Choose the photographs of the dad with his child and get them imprinted on the calendar. Each calendar month paper can be framed separately as well by the dad to make it a forever alive kind of gift.

Photo Calendar

6. Dad to be Card

If he is expecting a kid soon after Father’s Day, then you can give him the courage to be the best DAD ever. Tell him that he is going to be an awesome dad that will always keep his child happy. Pen down such beautiful feelings on a card and give it to him. We guarantee that it will fill him with joy and will warm his heart.

Dad to be Card

7. Digital Instant Print Camera

Everyone loves capturing precious moments and the camera will help with that. It will not just capture the moment, but will print the photograph instantly so that the dad can place it in his memory book or album of the new-born child. It is indeed the best gift for new dad on Father’s Day. Give him this camera and you will be helping him capture some amazing moments.

Digital Instant Print Camera

These were the best and awesome father's day gifts for new dad. You can also get him a special fathers cushions or watch or anything else that he will always remember. All these gifts can be easily purchased online from a reliable gifting portal. Hope, you find a perfect gift for the new dad in your life. Happy gifting! Happy Father’s Day!