10 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts To Overwhelm Your Dad With Love

Father’s Day is less than a month away now giving all of us a chance to do something to make our Dads smile. For once and for all, accept that people around the world, including us, don’t praise fathers that much for their as compared to mothers. But this time, it shouldn’t be like that which means you should present a fathers day gift to your dad to make his day filled with happiness and overwhelmedness.

Father’s Day Gifts

While it is quite easy to buy ready-made gifts from the market, how about handmade father’s day gifts? Doing this will convey to your dad that you care about him and that you put a lot of effort just to see him smile on the special occasion. All father’s day gift items that we are about to mention can be easily made at home and requires only limited stuff.

1. Rock Frame

Tell your Dad that he rocks by gifting him a super dad photo frame decorated with colourful pebbles and a hand-written ‘MY DAD ROCKS’ note in place of the photo.

Rock Frame

2. Cake

Your dad has been earning restlessly to give you the luxury and to feed you with delicious food. On father’s day, bake a cake for him of his favourite flavour and surprise him on the eve.


3. Greeting Card

Presenting a gift is all about conveying your expressions of love and care. A greeting card is among the evergreen handmade Father’s Day gifts, which is sure to pull his lips wide to the ears.

Greeting Card

4. Hamper

Gather all the things that you dad likes, such as his favourite snack, favourite drink, favourite fruits, and favourite watch and pack them all beautifully into a basket.


5. Photo Book

Nothing could be better than lighting up the mood of your father by presenting him a homemade photo book holding candid pictures of you and him on Father’s Day.

Photo Book

6. Custom T-Shirt

Take his old t-shirt (plain, if possible), get some fabrics colours (maybe his favourites), and design the t-shirt by writing Daddy and the year he became for the first time.

Custom T-Shirt

7. King Crown

Fathers are the King of home, and that’s what made us include King Crown, one of the most adorable fathers day DIY gifts, in our list. Make him feel like a real King!

King Crown

8. Flower Box

Flowers never fail to scatter the aroma of love on the heart. Take a ribbon and plain and thick craft paper to make a flower box and present it your dad by filling with blooming flowers.

Flower Box

9. Papa Glass Vase

The reason that this glass vase set makes one of the best father's day gifts is that it will render health and happiness, both. Glass vases of any shape and size can be used for this one!

Papa Glass Vase

10. Best Dad Trophy

We all consider our father’s as to be the best one in the world. So why not to tell him that on father’s day by gifting him a homemade Best Dad Trophy?

Best Dad Trophy

Don’t let the loveliest occasion of Father’s Day pass without making your father felling overwhelmed with your gifting gesture. Use your creativity and skills to produce something that can do the magic, just like the father’s day gifts mentioned above.

आते रहिएगा, अच्छा लगता है!