10 Most Inspiring Birthday Gift Ideas

Don’t we all feel excited on birthdays to receive gifts? Yes, we do!! We always thought a lot about what kind of birthday gifts our beloved shower upon us. And that’s justified. But, do we put that much thought in the birthday gift ideas when we have to play the giver’s part? Things like greeting cards, cakes, and wristwatches were, are, and will always be on the hot list of birthday presents, and we don’t say that’s old-school.

But today, we have created a list of 10 inspiring and motivational birthday gifts. These gifts will wrap your gifting gesture with the goodness of concern, along with love.

Inspiring birthday gift ideas


Inspire to read, which helps to gain knowledge and improves vocabulary. Gift a Novel to a child of 7th standard or above on their birthday as it will inject a habit of reading. Perfect birthday gift for everyone you know!

Gift a novel on birthday


Inspire writers to keep writing good stuff. A set of quality pens packed and wrapped artistically will surely make that writer/poet you know smile and the receiver will surely adore your gifting gesture.

Gift pen on birthday

Running Shoes

Inspire to get rid of that extra body fat! Get a pair of branded and comfortable running shoes, wrap the shoe box and stick a hand-written note to inspire the receiver for a new start on the birthday.

Gift running shoes on birthday

Recipe Book

Inspire to learn new recipes and to upgrade his/her cooking game! The receiver can try out a new recipe every Sunday or maybe every day and who knows if your gift can make him/her a Master Chef.

Recipe book - best birthday gift


Inspire to live a healthy life and to plant trees! Look for an online plant delivery website as it will serve with lots of options to choose from and you can also pick a beautiful vase from there.

 Gift plant on birthday

Hustle Hard Poster

Inspire to hustle hard restlessly to achieve dreams! This is one of the best birthday gifts ideas as it will keep pouring positive energy and a dose of daily inspiration into the receiver. Don’t forget to ask the birthday person to stick the poster in his/her room.

Motivational hustle hard poster gift for birthday

Yoga Club Membership

Inspire to live a sickness free life and to keep the mind relaxed! Present a yoga club membership to your beloved on his/her birthday. Place the membership card in an envelope and decorate it with ribbons.

Yoga club membership

Piggy Bank

Inspire to learn the art of saving and make it a habit! For someone you know who spends lots of money without a second thought, the piggy bank is one of the best inspiring birthday gifts. You can pick a handmade one or a factory-made, as you like.

piggy bank


Inspire to contribute towards the betterment of Mother Nature! Gifting an e-bike is one of the most exceptional birthday present ideas for Dads around the world whose sons ask for a gift on their 20th (usually) birthday.



Inspire to scatter happiness and smiles on the people around! You can send an arrangement of mixed flowers as a birthday gift or a full month flower subscription. The aroma of fresh flowers will start the day with happiness and positive vibes.

Flowers for birthday

Have a happy and inspired gifting!!!!