DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is a celebration that honours the roles of fathers and ancestors. Around the world, Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of June, which usually involves giving gifts to father and family activities. Dads are hard when it comes to buying gifts. They feel that everything is there and do not want anything. When they want to do something, they usually go ahead and buy it for themselves. Instead of buying Dad another gift he will not necessarily use, try out these DIY creative fathers day ideas. Ranging from fathers day paintings from daughter or son to some refreshing drinks/desserts, each of these gifts, when gifted are sure to leave a forever sweet mark on every dad’s heart.

Fathers Day Gift ideas

Many of these DIYs also provide an opportunity for you to write a heartfelt message to your special man, which means that you won't have to make a card or run to the store until the last minute. In fact, you cannot go wrong with any of these straight-hearted DIY father's day gifts. Read on!

1. Hand stamped Handkerchief

Dads always love gifts which have some effort in it. You can gift him a handkerchief with a stamp of your choice in it. You can use a cork, wood block, bottle cap etc for putting your stamp on. Another thing you would need is a fabric paint and you can use them to make a stamped handkerchief. One of the easiest homemade fathers day gifts and he will love it.

Hand stamped Handkerchief

2. Leather and Wood Covered Notebooks

You can cover a normal notebook with some wood or leather to make it look cool. All you would need is a thin wood veneer or scrap leather and some glue and scissors. You can make a wood or leather covered notebook with them which he can use for noting his important things down.

Leather and Wood Covered Notebooks

3. Leather Blanket Carrier

This is perfect for picnic or camping if your father loves to travel. All you need is; Leather – 1.5mm – 2.5mm thickness, Button Stud Rivets – 3/8” , and Blanket. Collect equipment and materials. Cut the leather according to the template notes, adjusting the length of straps required for the size of your blanket. Make a 4.5mm hole in the leather straps using the leather straps followed by the template notes for the placement punch. Insert 3mm holes in the leather straps using the leather straps followed by the template notes for the placement punch. Tada! You are done. A little effort is worth the wait.

Leather Blanket Carrier

4. Infused Vodkas

If your dad loves to have his vodka at home then this is your one of the best diy father's day gift ideas on the list. You can make vodkas with infused flavours such as cranberry flavour, caramel flavour. You can put cranberries or caramel with vodka and refrigerate overnight for a nice vodka flavour.

Infused Vodkas

5. Tie Rack

If your father wears tie to his work everyday and has a lot of tie then this gift is a perfect one for him. All you would need is a wooden plank of 1"x12" and a side board of a 1"x3", glue, some needles, and a hammer. You can put the needles in the wooden plank at a certain distance and it will be easy for your father to put his tie on that plank.

Tie Rack

6. Beer Bouquet

Rather than flowers if your father is fond of alcohol, you can gift him a beer bouquet. You can simply take a box and cover it with a designer paper, after you can put beer bottles in it and put an artificial rose on each bottle top. The bouquet would look nice which would give it a look of a flower bouquet.

Beer Bouquet

7. Father’s Day DIY Painting

How about a cool father’s day DIY painting? Fathers day paintings are trending and remind every father of their offspring’s love. All you need to do is prepare your paint ( any colour of your choice) and then use masking tape to make your stencil on the canvas. Use paint to cover the entire canvas - the more colourful the better! Once the paint is dry, discard the masking tape and add a handprint. You are done! A perfect fathers day painting from daughter or son is ready to rule a father’s heart.

perfect fathers day painting from daughter or son

8. Cookies

If your dad has a sweet tooth then you can bake cookies or cake for fathers day at home. It is not a lengthy process, a quick and easy method will have your fresh cookies on the table. Get some melted chocolate, cocoa powder and mix it with chopped walnuts. Prepare the brownie batter and bake away. While the brownies are in the oven, whip up some caramel sauce to top them off with and then mix in more chopped walnut pieces for good measure. Spread the caramel on top of the brownies.

Hand stamped Handkerchief

So, these were some cool fathers day gift ideas. If you are still running out of time, there is always a choice to buy Personalised father's day gifts online. Whatever you do make sure you write a note and tell Dad how much you love and appreciate him. An honest note means so much and will be cherished for years to come. Happy Father’s Day!

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