Beautiful Flowers to Give on Teacher's Day

“Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world.” – – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Friendship Day or even teacher's day, flowers have been one of the most versatile and classic gifts of all time. Everything about flowers - from their unique colour or pattern to their beauty to their symbolism leaves us in awe of it. Whether to convey condolences to someone or to emote feelings of gratitude, love, friendship, flowers come handy to fill the void in our feelings which our words couldn't. This teacher's day on September 05 gives us an opportunity to pamper our lovely teachers with some beautiful flowers for teacher's day.

Flowers for Teacher's day

Express your gratitude, your love and regards for your beautiful teachers as you opt to pamper them with some special teacher's day flowers which first perfectly in this joyous occasion. Go through this flower guide and gift him/her a beautiful bouquet of those particular flowers by looking for them over some online florist offering flower delivery to your best teacher to honour them.

1) Daisies -

Teachers work hard enough for us to make us a better version of ourselves; hence daisies are said to appreciate their constantly toiling or hard work they undertake to make success all ours. This is what makes them a fine choice to pamper our teachers with. You can choose for daisies coming in yellow, white, orange, pink-red and even fuchsia colours to surprise your dearest teacher with.


2) Daffodils -

The bright coloured daffodils are sure to cheer up your educator to the core with its astonishing appeal and symbolism. Daffodils stand for symbolising happy new beginnings and are perfect for pampering some teacher of you whom you have recently found to be in awe of.


3) Carnations -

When it comes to appreciating someone who cares about us, carnations seem to be a great choice of flowers. They are available in many colours, are affordable and last longer than any other such bloom. Carnations represent admiration, affection, pure undying or motherly love and good luck.


4) Tulips -

The student-teacher relationship is one of a kind which is what makes tulips the perfect teacher’s day flower bouquet. Tulips secretly convey someone that they are perfect and that one adores the recipient. Also, tulips are a great flower to ask forgiveness over and thereby, to call it even.


5) Orchids -

These exotic delicate beauties when gifted to a teacher shows them how special they are. Representing love, luxury, beauty and strength, orchids are sure to speak of how much you appreciate your teacher much more than words would do.


6) Roses -

Roses are classic go-to flowers as gifting someone a bundle of joy. And the teacher's day is no different, in this sense! Every colour of rose is special in its own way expressing love, humility, innocence, friendship, joy, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, enthusiasm and desire.


7) Alstroemeria -

Every Time when Alstroemeria is passed onto to someone as a gift, the person loves every bit of it. Standing for friendship, love, strength, devotion, mutual connection and to help each other, Alstroemeria is a perfect gift for someone who is hitting the rough patch of their life but dealing every bit of it with a wide smile.


8) Sunflowers -

Sunflowers are one of the flowers which are worshipped till date across many cultures. They symbolise unwavering faith and unconditional love, both of which a student holds for his/her teacher. Plus, they also represent adoration, loyalty and longevity, other than good luck, good dreams and much more.


9) Baby’s Breath -

If you are grateful for your teacher, then this is the flower you need to display over with. Symbolising purity, sincerity, love, compassion, trust, everlasting love, innocence, and romance, baby’s breath also stands for eternal devotion that one holds for someone.

Baby’s Breath

10) Lilies -

If you admire the purity of your teacher’s thought and are devoted to him/her, then a bunch of lilies will be a great idea to let them know about. Lilies symbolise good luck, eternal love and regard for someone who is compassionate and admirable to the core - just like our teachers.


So, these were some of the Teacher’s day flowers to celebrate our teachers, educators, mentors or Gurus on the upcoming occasion of Teacher’s day. You can choose to present these flowers in any colour and in its scintillating floral arrangement that will sweep off your dearest Teacher their feet. Each of these flowers will end up making this Teacher’s day - an affair to remember for the rest of your Teacher’s life.

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