7 Types of Teachers We All Had in School

Teachers come from different walks of life. Each and every teacher has their own personality and the way of reacting to things. All teachers are uniquely known for their strengths and styles, dialogues and taunts, and we all have such amazing memories with all our teachers that taught us many essential things in different phases of life.

Kind of Teachers

Throughout your studying career kicking off from the kids nursery school to primary and secondary and high school to college and further studies, you have come across a lot of teachers. As Teacher’s Day 2020 is just around the corner, let’s go down the memory lane. Below are some of the kinds of teachers that might recognize.

The High Energy Teacher

The High Energy Teacher

These teachers are found active on social media platforms with their morning warm-up recordings, moving on work areas, practising english exercises, and reciting their hearts out. No clue where they get all this energy, but they transfer the same in the classroom and everyone feels so alive in the lectures.

The Khadus Teacher

Khadus Teacher

Everything that comes out of these teacher’s mouths is complaints and stories about how bad the other sections are. You must have had a really difficult time dealing with these teachers especially during the time of assignment submissions and practicals.

The Gyan ka Bhandar Teacher

Gyan ka Bhandar Teacher

“Yes, I know everything! Cricket? Football? Science? Maths? Politics? Art? I am into everything and I have knowledge of everything! Shoot your questions!” We all come across such teachers at least once in our school or college time. They just simply know everything and if they don’t, they pretend to know.

The Waiting for Retirement Teacher

Waiting for Retirement Teacher

This teacher is so old that he/she reminds you totally of ancient history. You will always find them talking about their retirement and they generally forget everything including that they have a test to conduct the coming afternoon.

The Health Freak Teacher

Health Freak Teacher

That one teacher that goes for 5 mile runs before the beginning of a school day, always brings nutritious and healthy lunch, and freely offers advice to students to stay healthy with exercising and having healthy diets. Once you get to know them, your soda will be replaced by Yoga :p

The Fashionable Teacher

Fashionable Teacher

You will at least find one male and one female teacher that is like the school crush of students. These teachers arrive in style and everyone wants to attend their classes. Even if they are in stress, they keep a calm head and manage everything perfectly.

The Coach Teacher

Coach Teacher

Generally found blowing whistles in the hallway or in the school grounds, the coach teacher is proactive and helps in managing different things in the school. These teachers are loved by sports teams and are always busy in telling stories from their past. You must have never felt bored around these teachers.

So, these were the different kinds of teachers that might have been a part of your life in the past. You can surprise them this coming Teacher’s Day celebration by presenting the personality-based best gift for teachers. There are different teachers with different personalities and ways of teaching, but there is something special in each one of them. We all had inspiring teachers that guided us in every phase of school life. We surely cannot thank them enough for their selfless efforts in shaping our future. We adore all of them to the fullest for their guidance and support. So, covey your affection to your favourite teachers with a thoughtful teachers day gift. You can buy the trendiest gift options for this special celebration from any online gift store and amaze your teachers. Your gesture will surely be appreciated and will mean a lot to them. Every teacher adds meaning to a student’s life and you can make them feel special with heartfelt gifts. Wishing a very Happy Teacher’s Day from the FlowerAura family!

Having said all this, one thing that remains is whichever type your teachers maybe, they remain in our hearts, as parts of our lives in the form of beautiful memories. Even when we grow old, we are like; remember that one in school, that funny one in college, our teachers will always be a beautiful memory of our best days of life!