Beauty with Medicinal Flowers Benefits

Being the epitome of sheer beauty, people have ideally recognised every flower to be synonymous with delicateness, happiness and make an excellent flower gift. But some of these beauties are more than just being beautiful. They are beauties with benefits. Yes, you heard us! Little did we know that they have astonishing innate medicinal properties which is why we refer to them as medicinal flowers. Each of the medicinal uses of flowers acts as a natural cure to various ailments. Some of these are used raw as herbal flowers in Ayurveda or Unani medicine and some others are processed to make allopathic medicines. And we are truly blessed or proud to be home to a plethora of medicinal flowers in India. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of these medicinal flowers and their uses, wherein we have mentioned each of these medicinal flowers with names and the ailment, they are used to cure. Also, don’t forget to check out the medicinal flowers images with names to be left in awe of these breathtaking beauties serving us with their healing and therapeutic properties.

1. Rose

Coming in different colours and symbolising love and passion, a rose flower is used to treat digestive issues of a person in the form of a sweet murabba. Also, its delicate petals are said to be a cure for depression whereas rose water is used to cure any kind of eye irritation. Being a healthy beauty essential, it is used for acne or pimple management as well as a cup of rose tea is said to cure constipation. So, all in all, this beauty has got some magical medicinal properties to look forward to.


2. Peonies

Peonies are a happy flower symbolising romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honour, and compassion. Talking of its medicinal properties, peonies are said to have some stress-relieving or relaxing properties. Also, it makes an effective cure to treat cramps and muscular pain.


3. Sunflower

The bright yellow coloured blooms which can brighten up anyone’s day is said to be an excellent cure for hair and skin- related issues. Sunflower seeds are the cure for these hair and skin related issues whereas its herbal tea is used to treat ulcers and abdominal cramps.


4. Lilac

Pale violet or dark mauve in colour, this flower is loved for its pretty colour and aromatic natural scent. But there’s more to it. Lilacs are used to treat fever and eliminate parasitic growth. Also, a paste made from Lilac flowers is said to heal burns and wounds quite effectively.


5. Lotus

Our national flower has got more to it rather than its identity. Having a spiritual denotation, this flower helps in the spiritual upliftment of a person and at the same time, is also effective in reducing the temperature, diarrhoea and bronchitis.


6. Carnation

The petals of the carnations are used widely to treat fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Also, it acts as an excellent cure to reduce the swelling which leads due to inflammation and is also used to treat skin issues.


7. Morning Glory

One of the noteworthy things about this flower being used as a cure is it gives a hallucinatory effect, so one needs to make sure that under no circumstance they consume it. However, the petals of this flower are used to act as a mild laxative. Also, its petal has an emmenagogue effect on the body which helps to induce period pains in women as well as labour pains.

Morning Glory

8. Chrysanthemum

These flowers are said to bring some relief as one faces some kind of pain or fever as they sip some chrysanthemum tea. Also when this tea cools down, one can use it as an antidote to soothe tired and puffy eyes by dabbing it on a cotton ball and placing it over the closed eyelids and under the eye area.


9. Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most used medicinal flowers in India. From healing the wounds, cuts and burns to solving the digestive issues of a person, jasmine does it all. A cup of jasmine tea helps one to say goodbye to anxiety and stress.


10. Dandelion

Dandelion is a bright yellow coloured flower which seems quite like a mix of sunflower and yellow gerberas. These flowers are said to be full of vitamins A, B complex, and C, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc and also acts as an excellent blood cleanser as well as a laxative. They are one of the perfect choices for the overall well being of a person.


So, these were some of the medicinal flowers having blissful therapeutic effects. These flowers make us all believe that when we lose all our hope in processed medicines, we must look deep into nature or in our garden and we shall find it.