Do you Know the Word ‘Flower’ in Different Languages?

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in this world that make our life happy in many ways. Since ancient times, flowers have served us in the most beautiful way. Their role in human life can be traced to our religious texts, folk tales and ancient myths. Their presence can increase happiness in our lives, beautify our surroundings, and increase the feeling of peace in our lives. Flowers can also affect our mood and affect our emotions.

Do you speak the language of flowers? Do you know that a whole language was made around flowers? The language of flowers or Floriography dates back many years but gained the most popular during the Victorian era. Floriography included an actual floral dictionary, where flowers changed words and talking bouquets conveyed secret messages, possibly the most secret love and appreciation. Like sending text messages of our time!

Flower in Different Languages

Shakespeare once said: a flower called by any other name still smells like sweet ... and it looks equally beautiful! But this does not mean that we can have some fun learning all the different names that bloom around the world. Here's how flowers in different languages called?

Ways to say flower OR words for flower in different languages

● Afrikaans: “Blom”
● Albanian: “Lule”
● Azerbaijani: “Gul”
● Bavarian: “Bleame”
● Bosnian: “Cvijet”
● Breton: “Bleunv”
● Catalan: “Flor”
● Croatian: “Cvijet”
● Czech: “Kvet”
● Danish: “Blomst”
● Dutch: “Bloem”
● Estonian: lill
● Finnish: kukka
● French: fleur
● Galician: flor
● German: Blume
● Hungarian: virág
● Icelandic: blómIrish bláth
● Italian: fiore
● Latvian: zieds
● Lithuanian: gėlė
● Norwegian: blomst
● Polish: kwiat
● Portuguese: flor
● Romanian: floare
● Scottish Gaelic: “Blath”
● Serbian: “Cvet”
● Sicilian: “Ciuri”
● Spanish: “Flor”
● Sundanese: “Kembang”
● Swedish: “Blomma”
● Tagalog: “Bulaklak”
● Turkish: “Cicek”
● Ukrainian: “Kbitka”
● Vietnamese: “Hoa”


Since the beginning of time, flowers have fascinated us with their unique beauty and tantalizing scents. But some of these extraordinary 'nature of gifts' have incredible characteristics that are unknown to many of us. Here are some strange facts about flowers

● Of the odd 270,000 species of flowers that exist on earth, some 35,000 of those are various species of roses, which are some of the most gifted flowers in Australia.
● Roses are related to cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, raspberries, pears and almonds.
● Tulip bulbs can be used for onions in a recipe.
● The very expensive spice, saffron, comes from a type of crocus flower.
● The largest flower in the world is the Titan Arms, which produces flowers 10 feet high and 3 feet wide.

Importance of Flowers

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