10 Best Aquatic Plants - Freshwater Aquarium Plants

We don’t pay attention, but plants do not make our habitat beautiful on the ground but also underwater. And online plants that grow underwater are known as aquatic plants, but people also call them aquarium plants as they are used to decorate home aquariums. If you are looking for a plant to grow in your aquarium or backyard pool, here are the ten best aquatic plants with little information about them.

10 Best Aquatic Plants - Freshwater Aquarium Plants

1. Moneywort:

This plant is also known as Brahmi. The plant can grow upto 12 inches, and it is easy to grow an aquatic plant. The scientific name of moneywort is Bacopa Monnieri. The plant is amphibious and can grow both above the water and underwater.


2. Hornwort:

Hornwort is scientifically known as Ceratophyllum Demursum. The plant belongs to the family of Ceratophyllaceae, and this green-coloured aquarium plant can grow upto 24 inches. The plant is a fast grower and can be grown floating or rooted in the aquarium.


3. Rotala Rotundifolia:

This aquatic plant belongs to the Lythraceae, and it can grow upto 30 to 50 cm. The mixture of red and green colour makes this plant a lovely choice to decorate aquariums. It is an easy growing plant. If you want to see red leaves, then make sure to provide good light.

Rotala Rotundifolia

4. Pygmy Chain Sword:

This beautiful plant can form a lovely green base for your aquarium, and that’s why people invest in it. The plant can grow upto 6 inches, and it is light green in colour. It is also known as Narrow Leaf, and the scientific name is Echinodorus Tenellus.

Pygmy Chain Sword

5. Indian Waterweed:

This plant looks very delicate, and so it is famous among those who love to have aquariums. Indian waterweed can grow upto a height of 24 inches if kept at a temperature of 64–86 °F (18-30 °C). Dwarf Hygro and Dwarf Hygrophila are also the names of this aquatic plant.

Indian Waterweed

6. Crytopcoryne Wendtii:

It is the perfect plant for slightly harder water, and it can grow in mostly water aquariums under proper care. The plant can grow upto 6 inches, and the leaves form a rosette of 8 to 15 cm wide. The brown colour depends on the lighting conditions.

Crytopcoryne Wendtii

7. Anubia Nana:

For the people who have some rock in their aquariums or the backyard water pool, Anubia Nana is the perfect plant. The plant can grow upto 7 to 8 inches and belongs to the family of Araceae. Make sure to quickly remove any die leaves from the aquarium.

Anubia Nana

8. Java Fern:

Before anything else, we love the name of ‘Java Fern’. And this aquatic plant is equally beautiful to its name. It can grow upto 7 - 8 inches under low to moderate light conditions. The plant belongs to the Polypodiaceae family and is scientifically known as Microsorum Pteropus.

Java Fern

9. Amazon Sword:

Don’t you think that the name of this plant pushes to make a position amongst the best aquatic plants? It is scientifically known as Echinodorus Amazonicus and belongs to the Alismataceae family. It originated from the beautiful Amazon River basin and so its name.

Amazon Sword

10. Java Moss:

Why do these aquatic plants have such beautiful names? Java Moss sounds like a plush pet dog. If you keep the best conditions in your aquarium, the plant can grow upto 4 inches. The plant can make your aquarium look amazingly beautiful.

Java Moss