20 Best Birthday Gift For Her Under 500 Rupees

“It’s not the money but the thought that counts while gifting,” said someone wise. We are sure that you have heard this saying a lot, but now is the time to implement these words of thought in your life. For the upcoming birthday of your sister, mother, wife, girlfriend, friend, or any special “she” in your life; buy birthday gifts under 500. A cost-friendly gift doesn’t translate into a cheap gift. The sad truth of life is that we all confront times when we are running low on cash or broke. Ultimately, what matters is you give someone a meaningful gift, not the price. If you want to make “her” feel what she means to you; shop for these birthday gift ideas for her.

20 Best birthday gift for her under 500 rupees

1) Watches

A watch symbolises the gift of time, which is more precious than jewels. They complement every attire of a girl, whether traditional or western, hence the desirable gift for her. There are some brands of watches that are not even affordable but also equally appealing as the branded ones. Check the quality, warranty, and choose the design that goes well with her personality.


2) Gourmet Cookies and Chocolates

She may be a fitness freak, but chocolates and desserts are her guilty pleasure. If she is experimental with taste and flavours, substitute the regular ones with gourmet chocolates, cookies, and desserts packed in a gift box.

Gourmet Cookies and Chocolates

3) Pen-Diary Set

She may not be a writer, but she likes to pen down her thoughts and experiences. Journaling is a mood-uplifting activity. Therefore, a nice combo of a diary and pen will be ideal for her. She can carry it to college and her office as well.

Pen-Diary Set

4) Books/ Novels

Not necessarily only a bibliophile will love books. She may read specific genres for fun or to gain information. She may like to brush up on her knowledge related to professional matters. As per her choice and preferences, gift her a collection of books and novels.

Books and Novels

5) Accessories

One of the other giftees will surely get her a piece of clothing. It’s appropriate that you gift her accessories. It could be scarves, belts, pieces of jewellery, or hair accessories; all that will complete and enhance her look.


6) Lovely and Mushy Box

Girls have an indescribable soft corner for all lovely and mushy things. A heart-shaped box containing a teddy bear, a golden rose, chocolates, and a message card will convey to her all the adorable emotions all at once.

Lovely and Mushy Box

7) Cushions

Girls love to decorate their room with everything that is colourful and stylish. Cushions are those effortless style items that can instantly transform her room's look. A personalised cushion with her picture would be great for her.


8) Coffee Mugs

A coffee/tea lover never gets tired of beverage mugs. She will much appreciate Personalised coffee mugs as she can reminiscence some golden memories while enjoying her coffee/tea break.

Coffee Mugs

9) Jewellery

Imitation jewellery or fashion jewellery is readily available under the 500 price bracket. Fashion jewellery is great to gift because of the changing trends and every girl likes to wear jewellery that is fashionable and stylish.


10) Photo Frames

Eternalise the memories you have made with her by getting them framed in a photo frame. Photo frames are the ideal decor pieces for decorating the home with love and warmth. Select the design of the frame that matches the interiors of her home.

Photo Frames

11) Flowers

Floral gifts will always bring a wide curve to her face. A bunch of flowers with a message card for her birthday is the way to say the unsaid. Choose her favourite flowers or the flowers as per the feelings you want to convey.


12) Jar Cakes

Cakes are the irreplaceable element of birthdays. Wish her sweetly with a set of jar cakes in her most liked flavour. Every bite will give her sweet birthday goosebumps. She can use the jars for other purposes, something will highly appreciate.

Jar Cakes

13) Greeting Cards

Write down for her a birthday wish in a greeting card and gift to her. As she reads it, she could feel every word echoing in her heart and filling her soul with much happiness and love.

Greeting Cards

14) Tote Bags

Tote Bags are utility bags that she can use for various purposes like shopping, carrying her stuff, storing things, etc. These bags are spacious, durable, and long-lasting characteristics of the tote bag will make her like it even more.

Tote Bags

15) Wallets

A handy and classy wallet is always preferred by girls. An affordable gift for your pocket and useful for her. Do consider this a thoughtful birthday gift for her as she is secretly wishes to have it.


16) Plants

Bring to her life and indoors the beauty and joy of nature with a potted plant. If you choose to give Feng Shui plants, you will be blessing her life with prosperity and auspiciousness. Because girls like cuteness, go with cute planters.


17) Jar Candles

A set of jar candles to infuse her life with fragrances of happiness and love even after she has blown away the birthday candles. Scented candles will help her get a restful slumber.

Jar Candles

18) Gift Box

Gifting trunks or trinket boxes so she can keep her valuables and jewellery pieces safe and in one place. You can fill the box with some small tokens if you do not wish to give it empty to her.

Gift Box

19) Makeup Brush Set

She will need her tools to show off her creativity at its best. A set of makeup brushes is the right tool for her skill and art. Along with brushes, blenders and other makeup tools can be gifted.

Makeup Brush Set

20) Channel Subscription

Before she asks you for Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, ZeeTv or any other channel subscription, give it to her as a birthday gift, and she won’t stop thanking you enough for this gift.

Channel Subscription

Make all her birthday wishes come true with these meaningful gift ideas.