8 Top Best Colourful Cakes for Colourful Holi

Holi is the festival of colours this may be the most naive and cliche statement ever but it is equally true and very valid. No matter how much the times change, Holi will forever have the same meaning in our lives and the want to celebrate it that wildly, will stick too. And to make this festival even more vibrant and colourful there are things that you can do to make the day even happier. The second best thing about Holi after colour and meeting people is that we get to eat the sweetest things.

 Colourful Cakes for Colourful Holi

Speaking of which on the top of our mind comes cakes. Yes, scrumptious, sweet, and colourful cakes are the ones to go for to make the day the best one ever. Let's validate the thought by discovering the top best colourful cakes for colourful Holi that you can have and order to make the day count.

• Rainbow cake

A rainbow cake is the best not just to eat but to look at and startle too. And some rainbow cake design ideas that will tip the deal even more in your favour and compel you to buy it are toppings like Ferrero Rocher and swirls along with some gems on the inside. Sugar beads and gets on the top are some ways to go about it.

Rainbow cake

• Red velvet

A red velvet cake in itself is a colourful thing to have in life, isn't it? The sparkling red velvet cake is great for a colourful cake design. And it can always have a few completing swirls on the side in flowers and other beautiful designs.

• Holi poster cake

A Holi poster cake is obviously the best option because here you don't have to put any brain into bringing forward the best of customization. Any online platform you choose would have a few options in this league that will swag your mind and will be ready to send.

Holi poster cake

• Tsunami cake

A tsunami cake is a great new option for Holi cakes because the colour you are looking for comes spilling with this one. After you lift the film it will spread a sheet of colours in all shapes you like. It can be a Cinderella, a balloon or a simple splash of chocolate.

• Fruit cake

A fruit cake is forever the most colourful thing. Fruits including pineapple, apple, cherries, and others give it all the colours. It is usually based on vanilla-based flavour which looks like the shape base for a bunch of fruits.

Fruit cake

• Sugar dips

Sugar dips and wells on the top layer of the cake is a good idea as it gives us a bunch of flavours and a lot of colours. But these cakes are also based on vanilla and so give enough compliment and contradiction to one another.

• Sugar crystals

Sugar crystals like a heap on the top of the cake sound like a great idea and thinking of being all hopped up on stage on the day of Holi is an appealing idea. It can have a heap of strawberry, chocolate, red velvet, coffee, and other flavours.

Sugar crystals

• Swirl cake topping

Any cake with a colourful top with some floral swirls is good to go with it. And it will be super creamy for all those who love sweetness sprinkled and spilt all over.