Best Customised Gifts for Your Boss: Presents That Will Keep You Employed!

Bosses and employees have a weird relationship. The whole world knows that keeping a Boss happy is not a buttery task. Irrespective of the amount of your dedication, hard work, and efforts, it is impossible to satisfy your Boss. The Boss will always ask you for more work and more time.

Best Customised Gifts for Your Boss

We know the pain, and hence we have some ideas of personalised gifts for your Boss which can help to keep you employed. No, it doesn’t mean that you cheat on your work; it’s just an extra effort to tickle the heart of your Boss. A customised gift will help to create a soft corner in Boss’s heart, and maybe he/she will start appreciating your more and more.

Kya pta kripa yahin ruki hui ho!! Who Knows?

So, try your luck with these customised gift ideas for Boss:

1. A Beardo Combo

Most of you are working under a male Boss who loves to keep things professional. From hair to the shoes, he likes everything to speak out the word Professionalism!! So, how about gifting him a beardo combo inclusive of all the grooming essentials such as shaving foam, razor, shaving brush, a small towel, and after-shave lotion all packed in a box. A beardo combo can be one of the best gifts for boss male.

Beardo Combo

2. Tea Hamper

Office work and Tea can’t be separated. Tea is an all-time favourite beverage that helps the mind and body to destress and refresh. Bosses may be hard to handle, but they deserve to be appreciated for the amount of tension they go through every day. A hamper of organic and healthy Tea and a tea mug is a perfect gift to show that you care for your boss. A stress-free boss is a bonus for employees!

Tea Hamper

3. Just Chocolates

For those extra-angry female bosses, a box full of different types of chocolates is an unparalleled gift. The sweetness of chocolates will melt her anger, and the rich texture will help you to claim a precious spot in her heart. The box should contain different flavours and chocolates of different brands. Out of many gifts for boss female, chocolates are something that will never fail to impress. So, chocolate ki mithas se milega naukri me vikas! Wink Wink!!

Just Chocolates

4. Personalised Whiskey Glass Set

After a long and hectic day, few sips of whiskey can do wonders to pull-off all the load. And sipping a beverage as good as whiskey in a personalised, classy whiskey glass is a surreal soothing experience. Gifting a set of personalised whiskey glasses to your boss is a sure shot to impress. Maybe your boss will invite you for some healthy conversation over whiskey, which can lead to a personal bond between you both. Pro Tip: Add a bottle of whiskey to the gift.

 Personalised Whiskey Glass Set

5. Combo of Luck

Hard work is the key to success!! But, sometimes there is a need for Luck along with the hard work to succeed. All the anger of Bosses is to extract the best out from the employees so that the target of projects can be achieved. Gift your Boss a combo of Luck inclusive of a lucky indoor bamboo plant and a set of six buddha statues. Ask him/her to keep the goodies in a cabin. It will convey a message to your Boss that you are concerned about the company’s growth.

Combo of Luck

6. Personalised Calendar

The office work goes along with the calendar in a disciplinary way for the proper functioning of the business. Bosses are concerned with the deadlines of all the projects and tasks. So, how about gifting a personalised calendar to your boss that will keep him/her happy and up to date.

Personalised Calendar

7. Personalised Diary With Pen

There are lots of things that need to be penned down during office hours. And most of the important things go across the mind of Bosses. But sometimes they forget them due to the humdrum of a busy schedule. Gift your boss a personalised dairy and a pen which will aid to remember what’s important. Maybe your boss will write your achievements in the diary which can keep you employed.

Personalised Diary With Pen

Hope you will hit the right chords. Bye Bye! Boss Calling!!!

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