How to Make Organic Colours with Flowers

The Holi festival colours our lives in the hues of red, yellow, blue, and pink. With all our heart and soul, we smear the faces of our dear ones with coloured powered and forgetting all the inhibitions we all love to get drenched in stained waters. But, let’s unabashedly accept that amidst all the Holi fun, our mind is splashed with the hints of fear, terror, distress. It is because we all very well know how harmful all these innocent and beautiful colours can be to our health and environment.

Every year, there is an undying dilemma that encircles us all--whether to play or not to play Holi. Most of us always give in to temptation, but not anymore. This March, we will play a safe and organic Holi which will be all about smiles, laughs, and cheers because we are going to tell you how to make organic colours with flowers. Let the Holi preparations begin!

How to Make Organic Colours with Flowers

Here is the necessary procedure to make natural colours with flowers both in dry and wet form.

  • Collect flowers. You can also take help of online flowers delivery for this purpose.
  • Dry the flowers and crush them until you get powdery like substance.
  • Mix a few drops of essential oil of sandalwood
  • Again hand mix all the ingredients in a large vessel
  • You will see a natural gulal being made

If you love to play wet Holi, you can make wet colours from flowers

  • To make damp colours, you will need fresh flowers.
  • Soak petals of flowers in a bucket of water for overnight
  • For fragrance, you can add drops of essential oils
  • Later, the coloured water can be used to fill cannons or balloons.

1. The Sensual Red

The colour red signifies love and sensuality. Wearing red tilak on Holi is a ritual. You can obtain scarlet red colour by powdering and soaking leaves of red rose, red hibiscus, or any red colour flower.

Sensual Red

2. The Sunshine Yellow

The sunny yellow colour splat happiness and hope in the festival of Holi. Also, the different tints of yellow are auspicious in Hindu traditions and customs. Dye your hand natural yellow by grinding marigolds, amaltas, or chrysanthemums.

Sunshine Yellow

3. The Tangy Orange

Celebrate the Holi festival with vigour and enthusiasm by smudging some tangy orange colour. The “Tesu ke Phool” is the most popular choice for playing Holi with flaming and fragrant orange gulal.

Tangy Orange

4. The Royal Purple

The bold purple coloured gulal can be home-made that promises bright and soft skin. Dry some lavender, orchids, and lilacs to obtain a royal peppy purple colour.

Royal Purple

5. The Calming Blue

Holi remains incomplete without the tranquillizing tones of blue gulal. The Neeli Gulmohar is one of the flowers that can give you a natural blue colour that will paint the town cool-blue.

Calming Blue

6. The Refreshing Green

Green is known to be a festive colour. It signifies life and freshness. Pluck fresh neem leaves to form a green gulal at home. This organic green colour with benefits of Neem will leave your skin glowing after the Holi play.

Refreshing Green

Make natural colours from flowers for skin and eco-friendly Holi.

Happy Holi!!