9 Gifts for Your Fitness Lover Husband to Keep him Motivated

Fitness should be a priority for everyone. A healthy body is home to a healthy mind, but it is not so easy to adhere to the fitness schedule. A lot of us give in for that extra hour of sleep in the warm, cosy bed in the morning or convince ourselves that we are too tired for cardio in the evening. So, if your loving husband makes it a priority to attend the gym every morning or he loves to break a run before the sun rises, you are blessed with a man who understands the importance of a fit body, and you should encourage him too. The best way you can do so is by accompanying him on the morning jogs, but if you are too lazy to do that, a motivating present will do the trick. Who knows, they might inspire you to join a fitness program! Here are a few suggestions which could pronounce your appreciation towards his enthusiasm to remain lean and fit.

Gifts For Your Fitness Lover Husband

1. A Wireless Headphone

Music helps in motivating to walk an extra 100 steps and keep the mind fresh while working out but it is a hassle to keep the wired earphones connected to the music player or the phone while jogging or running. There is a good chance that the phone might fall out of the pocket or wires get pulled hard enough that it might break. A simple solution to these running woes is a wireless headphone which could make morning jogs a happier time for him.

Wireless Headphone

2. A Personalised Flask

One of the cardinal requirements while sweating out is to keep the body hydrated as sweating leads to water loss in the body and increases sodium levels. A personalised body flask with his name on it along with a motivational message will inspire him to spend an extra 10 minutes in the gym and burn unwanted calories. A perfect gift idea for husband who is a fitness enthusiast.

Personalised Flask

3. A Smart Watch

A watch that could attend calls, read out messages, count the burnt calories, track the number of steps and monitor your heartbeat, it sounds fictional, but it has turned into a reality! A smartwatch will make for a perfect gift for your husband and could also work as a stylish accessory that could complement his formal as well as casual outfits.

Smart Watch

4. A Portable Blender

This one will serve him the fresh smoothie whenever he wishes too. Lightweight and portable, it could fit perfectly into his bag, and he could help himself with a healthy glass of juice or smoothie at work, at the gym, at the park or at home. This blender comes in various attractive colours so you can pick anyone. All he will be needing is chopped fruits and voila.

Portable Blender

5. A Gym Bag With Compartments

Going to the gym is no less than going to work. It requires packing an extra pair of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, a towel, earphones or headphones, water flask, phone, deodorant and then some more! Packing all these things nicely, demand a serviceable gym bag with an extra compartment to stuff used shoes and various pockets to keep smaller items at a place and not to mix with the sweaty clothing.

Gym Bag With Compartments

6. A Meal Planner

Ninety percent of fitness constitutes eating healthy and right in the perfect portions over the day. It’s hard to track what has been consumed every two hours and what benefit it should be contributing to his fitness agenda. A meal planner will allow him to plan his meals in the way he wishes to be and will also help him to track the slice of chocolate cake he had at the office while celebrating a colleague’s birthday.

Meal Planner

7. A Yoga Mat

Yoga is the most soothing and effective form of exercising and if your man wishes to pursue it, then encourage him by gifting a study and attractive yoga mat. Make sure the material is anti-slip and could create a good grip with the floor to avoid any injury. A cushioned yoga mat could also be used to do crunches, push-ups, squats and lunges. He will love this present and your efforts to motivate him to do the right thing for his body.

Yoga Mat

8. A Pair of Running Shoes

Running shoes have the perfect grip with the ground and thus are proven best for exercising in the gym or jogging in the park. A trendy pair of running shoes will excite him like a young child and will definitely motivate him to hit the gym or to run track twice a day. He might not be able to work out twice in the day, but it will surely keep the spark alive to keep his body fit.

Pair of Running Shoes

9. A Pair of Sweatpants

A beautiful, soft pair of sweatpants will be appreciated by him and will keep him a few minutes longer on the treadmill. The sweat-absorbing fabric will keep him fresh during the workout and keep him warm during the coldest days.

Pair of Sweatpants

Fitness should always be the priority and if you wish to present him with a gift that could make him want to stick to the schedule, then try to online gifts for husband so that you could also grab a noteworthy discount.

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